More Pictures!

Okay, so the vehicle that I mentioned needs pictures.

(Some of the below don’t seem to have compressed wonderfully well; click through to flickr and press “L” or look at the larger sizes for perhaps better renders.)

Carmageddon Tank 1

That’s the Carmageddon Tank from L+N Signature Designs; I am standing smugly by it in the Hunt outfit from Cosmic Stream Designs and the Deconstructor part of The Machine from Radeon Automatic.

And then inside…

Carmageddon Tank 2, aboard

… and showing off the cannon, boom!

Carmageddon Tank 3, cannon

… and the machine guns (in the dark) pocketa-pocketa!

Carmageddon Tank 4, machine guns in the dark

Of course it also flies…

Carmageddon Tank 5, aloft

… and rises up on its mechanical haunches for driving over lesser things in the twilight.

Carmageddon Tank 6, raised

It also leaps up into the air (all of this controlled by buttons on a not overly huge HUD), but I’m not up to a video.

Okay, enough of that. :) Here are a couple of things from NS6 Engineering:

Cursed Tower and Cloudrider airship, from NS6

A cursed tower and a Cloudrider airship, both nice and free, and if they are a bit old-SL in style well that’s nice and nostalgic.

Relaxing in one of the plusher venues of the Hunt:

Civilized Relaxation in the Royal Thai Gallery

This one the Royal Thai Gallery (a lovely build, although I had some trouble figuring out just what they were selling, or displaying, where), but in general a delight of this hunt is the wide variety of places, all vaguely tied together by some variously fictionalized notions of Victoriana and technology and adventure.

Compare and contrast with, for instance, the Undertaker’s Parlor from Noctis:

Undertaker's Parlor

(All 88 prims worth, not including the simple floor and wall prims that I threw up for photographing.)

Lots of things not directly in the Hunt, but still good finds. I’m always looking for more (cheap) bookcases in SL, and this Bookcase Loft from S&S Clockworks was a mere 4L!

Bookcase Loft (4L!)

(I don’t think I’ve opened the actual Hunt prize from there yet.)

Eventually I actually finished the Hunt! Still far from finishing opening all the packages, though…

Shortly after that, as I was vaguely considering trying to get back to the Rise cross-country from wherever I ended up, I noticed it was time for the Pre-release Party for 1000+ Avatars, Volume 2.

So I went and did that. :)

Pre-release party for 1000 Avatars, Volume 2

And a good time was had by all…

Sinister Steampunk

So hunts are Good Things because:

  • It’s fun to hunt around for stuff,
  • You find new stores to shop at,
  • Some of the builds of the stores are really nice,
  • Once in awhile you find some wonderful new thing that you’re actually going to wear, or use, or whatever, constantly for weeks.
  • They are good for the SL economy.

And of course hunts are Bad Things because:

  • You get tons and tons of stuff cluttering up inventory, sometimes unopened for weeks or years,
  • You spend time when you could have been doing something more creative, and of course
  • They are bad for the SL economy.

Because of this ambivalence :) I only occasionally weblogify about hunts that I hunt, but I thought I would weblogify about this one just because (a) I felt like it, (b) I’m a bit short on Lindenbucks, so I am probably not buying as much as usual as I hunt, so maybe I can contribute some publicity :) and (c) it’s a good hunt.

(Note: the reader may interpret the above remark about Lindenbucks as an opportunity to buy me expensive gifts, only if said reader has not bought me any expensive gifts in the last thirty (30) days.)

The hunt in question is The Sinister Steampunk Hunt, themed around stuff that your retrofuture villain, evil genius, etc, might be wearing or carrying or inventing or driving or using.

Here I am, for instance, with the Ether Rifle of the evil Dr. Calamari or something, as obtained by our hero Parrish Ahsbourne (#8):

Aether Rifle and other Sinister Steampunk Hunt items

The elvish green leather armor and cloak are from Destiny’s Designs (but come to think of it from a Lucky Chair rather than the hunt, oops!), and the monocle is from way back.)

The weblog has a list of shops, and hints for each one, which is useful.

(Back in my day, we didn’t have lists or hints! By dag, you started with #1, and the only way to know where #2 was was to find the landmark inside the prize in #1! Kids these days!)

Don’t get discouraged, by the way, if you can’t find the prize in #2; it’s hard for me to imagine anyone ever finding it without some sort of cheating. My own hint: it’s inside a box which as far as I can tell there is no way to open.

But anyway. :) I am up around shop #17 now, of 29, and have lots of very fun stuff. Here’s another shot:

Various items from the Sinister Steampunk Hunt

The impressive telescopic monocle is from Sculptify (#3), and the backpack sprouting formidable medical / torture attachments is one of three equally impressive backpacks in the prize from Radeon Automatic (#15). The clothing is that elvish green leather armor again :) and the cigar I think I picked up in a bunker in the Wastelands the other year (so yeah, not directly relevant, but doesn’t it look appropriate?).

L+N Signature Designs (#7) has truly astounding stuff which is pretty much always out of my price range, but for this hunt they have a really quite astounding combat vehicle, which is right in my pricerange ’cause of it is free. No pictures of that, but I had fun driving it around in a combat sandbox shooting the canon and machine guns.

Pictures of the combat car, and various other prizes that I may or may not have found and/or unpacked yet, can be found in the hunt weblog too.

(Hunts didn’t have their own weblogs in my day, either! If you wanted to see what you might have gotten, you had to actually open the prizes. Kids these days don’t know how easy they’ got it.)

Anyway again! :) So that is being fun, and I will probably follow the hunt more in coming days. Unless I get distracted. Like I always do…