Explorers Information Centres

A(nother) wonderful random mainland find, while wandering idly around the Great Wall and environs. (Click through to flickr for higher-res versions.)

Explorers' Information!

A nicely-built shack right by the railroad tracks, and inside…

Explorers' Information, interior

A bunch of maps, which give out copies of themselves, and other things useful to explorers in general, and mainland explorers in particular.

I haven’t looked at all the things it gave me yet, but this is apparently just one of a number of Explorers Information Centres (or, I can’t help writing, Explorers’ Information Centers) set on some of the various continents. This one (at least) is the creation of Yevad Doobie, someone I’ve never met but now hope someday to. (He has a store near this Centre that sells various offroad vehicles and things; a related commercial website is GreenLaners dot com, and one about mainland routes in general is protected-routes dot com. Clearly a fellow mainland lover!)

As may or may not be obvious from the snapshot, the maps indicate the major named roads, and various un-named ones, as well as the names of the continents, the positions of Explorers Information Centres, SLRR (Second Life Rail Road) routes, and other things of interest.

All of the above are definitely worth a visit if you already love the mainland, think you might, or are convinced that you don’t but are willing to be enlightened. :)

3 Responses

  1. They’re all run by Yevad Doobie. They’re nice enough. He flounced out of second life a while ago, but came back and apparently started it all back up as Protected Routes Interest Group…

  2. I didn’t flounce anywhere Cinders, I lost my rented land and was forced to go Premium and all start over again. The gap from closing the old centres to opening the new centres was less than 2 months if I remember correctly.

    The Info Centres were set up as a way of “giving back”. Most vehicle makers give back by providing race tracks and such, my vehicles have always been aimed at mainlands so it seemed logical to me that I share all the info I had about them and provide rez zones in areas where there are few. These days rez zones are much more common (thanks to many tickets requesting them and the road building program the last few years), so this isn’t such an issue any more.

    At the time of their inception I was earning enough profit to fund the extra land, these days I pay around half of the cost out of my own pocket due to a decline in business since mid 2010…something I always said I would never do, but the few heartfelt messages of gratitude I get, blogs like this giving them a mention and the knowledge that I help strangers enjoy the routes gives me such a warm feeling that I don’t have the heart to close them down (yet lol*).

    I begun mapping the routes because the maps on the wiki pages at the time were limited and out of date. I had found many routes not shown on them. I resisted the temptation to put names of places on them because things in SL change so fast. Where road names are available I used them on the maps. Finding that some routes had confusing names, or unnamed stretches forced me to survey them methodically and submit many many tickets to have them corrected, amongst other defects I found along the way.

    The Protected Route Interest Group was formed to clarify the goals of the Greenlaners group. Greenlaners group was formed to share info and campaign to keep the unpaved protected routes clear. At the time the green lanes out numbered the paved routes by quite a margin and it was common for people to build across them, thinking them to be unused land because there were no road prims. Myself and some of the more active group members did many things to promote and have the routes looked after properly. 3 new routes were created at our request and a huge amount of defects were fixed. Many group members also submitted tickets, or sent me info about defects and a huge amount of work was undertaken by LDPW towards fixing things.

    As time went on and more roads were built, the aims of the group and its relationship with my vehicle business drifted apart, so after a consultation period with my members and many name suggestions, I finally settled on the new group name, which makes its aims much clearer. The maps and other info on the old Greenlaners website were moved to a new domain and greenlaners.com and the Greenlaners group became focused on my business.

    The last few months my SL activity has reduced to next to nothing due to a hectic RL schedule. I have found love, am moving home in 9 days and have a very involved work project to keep me occupied.



    *Renting a lovely (RL) house, starting a (RL) family and Linden Labs quest to ruin SL more and more each month means that the entire project and my own business are hanging in the balance…I might well “flounce” out of SL in the future Cinders :p

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