New Originalia show opening tomorrow

I got an invitation to, and then got confused about dates and so missed, a blog-o-sphere preview of tomorrow’s opening of a three-artist show on the Originalia sim. But I have snuck in :) between the preview and the opening, and can confidently recommend that you go.

(I notice that it’s currently an Editor’s Pick in the Official SL Destinations (which is possibly a bit premature since it doesn’t officially open until tomorrow, but hey), so it’s not like they’re going to be hard up publicity-wise, but still…)

Here is also Chestnut on the show.

Here is The Official Poster:

And the Announcing Notecard, lightly edited for weblogifying purposes:

‘Travel to Originalia’ is the newest art exhibit on Amase Levasseur’s Originalia sim.

The show includes three exciting exhibits by award winning artists. In keeping with the theme of the sim, the exhibits include fresh new work that has never been seen before in Second Life.

‘Travel to Originalia’ includes “Postcards Home” by Callipygian Christensen, “Adapt or Perish” by Cherry Manga and “Gateway to Hell” by Fuschia Nightfire. As a special treat, visitors will also be treated to a reprise of the much loved exhibit “The Docks” by Scottius Polke.

‘Travel to Originalia’ opens to the public on Saturday 10/22 at 1pm SLT

Follow the SLurl below and enjoy your “Travel to Originalia”.

All of the creations are well worth a visit. Calli Christensen has some lovely SL landscapes intriguingly cast as postcards home (we only get hints of what’s written on the backs), and “Gateway to Hell”, “Adapt or Perish”, and “The Docks” are all, well, not to spoil the experience… all builds eminently worth seeing.

So go! Tomorrow at 1pm or later, that is!

(And don’t mind the newborns who clicked on it in Destinations and are now wandering randomly or standing in Edit Appearance for hours; they’ll get the idea eventually…)