Glyph Graves, Sporadic Elements

Glyph Graves, Sporadic Elements

Come quick, or this weird writhing alien shape will eat me up.

Ooops, too late!

:) Come anyway, though, it’s neat. Glyph Graves makes very cool things. (Often cool moving things; if I were ‘leeter I would post a movie of the very organic writhing of the thing, rather than just this ol’ fashioned pitcher.)

From the invite:

Glyph Graves invites you to “Sporadic Elements” [landmark]
(Sunset is the preferred lighting if you please ^^)

Glyph shares with you a small exhibition of things that have rarely been shown or never have. On the roof is habitat to habitation from the Liquidity installation as well as a varient small form of the windsculpture. All are welcome :)

Highly rec.

P.S. Looks like I escaped.
Looks like I escaped
Unless this is what the inside of a writhing alien thing looks like. And it might be! You never know…

2 Responses

  1. How wild!! I’m sorry I didn’t see your post until now or I would have logged in immediately to be right there in person! And I’ll definitely have to check that exhibit out, wow looks wild…

  2. I remember seeing a Glyph Graves creation at Erato of Caerleon. God bless, Sabrina! He makes really cool stuff!

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