Gracie’s book!

At Gracie's

Lounging among some of the 1000+ avatar pictures (including one of me!) at Gracie’s latest location.

I’ve pre-ordered the RL book, and you can too!

I suspect this will be one of my very favorite coffeetable books ever. :)

(You can also get an inworld ThincBook preview of the RL book at that location, which is fun. And the sim down on the ground, California State University at Northridge, is a nice peaceful academic build with paths to wander and art to look at and University buildings to feel studious around; worth exploring after you admire all the AVs in Gracie’s pictures.)

5 Responses

  1. awwwww thank you so much Dale!!!

  2. I *so* love that Gracie selected your photo to go on the inside title page (as seen in the preview book). So *utterly perfect* a choice! And so very fun to see the wall with our photos on it made the back cover of the preview book! It’s really so great to see so many of the Inworld cultures represented in this project. Thank the community itself for holding true to the richness of culture and being. It’s wonderful that diversity of expression and talents and beliefs and such remains so alive and well. I’m so with you, Dale! …definitely ordering “1000+ Avatars”!

    • Thank you. :) I do love the diversity; if nothing else, the book will be great for the “immersionism is dead” discussions which always come up…

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