Alizarin Goldflake’s “The Mysterious Forest” coming 20 Feb

I can enthusiastically endorse anything Alizarin makes… :)

From: Alizarin Goldflake
Topic: “The Mysterious Forest,” a new immersive art build
Event date: Sunday, February 20, 2 pm PST
Alizarin Goldflake

Alizarin Goldflake will hold an Open Studio for her newest immersive art build, “The Mysterious Forest,” on Sunday, February 20, 2 pm PST at Atelier Alizarin. All are cordially invited.

On approach, your avatar magically disappears into the trees. The world grows ominously dark. The body-snatching moonbeam whispers touch me. Ghostly voices wail; an invisible man paces, leaving fading foot prints; an owl hoots amid a chorus of other forest calls. Eyes glow from the bushes. Spiders dangle, and swarms of bats swirl out of the trees. Totemic forest animals loom from the shadows and vanish like dreams. **Please touch!**

In addition to your eyes and ears, THE MYSTERIOUS FOREST interacts with your avatar physically. There are lots of animations: Sits, Marshmellow-toast; Sleep; Trapped (dare you to click on the spiders!); not to mention the mischievous moon. Look out for those creepy feelers under a rock! A beheaded snake – still poisonous? – twitches and rattles when you walk by. Evocative of the artist’s childhood experiences camping, part of this build appeared in the Interactivity Collaboration at Caerleon Art Collective, but much has been added that’s new.

“The Mysterious Forest” is 20 meters high and 40 meters in diameter, and, at 174 prims, one of Ali’s larger immersive art sculptures.

Other Atelier Alizarin Attractions include: Musical Kinetics and more immersive art in Sky Studio one level down (TP or jump through the skylight :-), the Sky Sculpture Garden, Orfeo’s Oratorio, The Particularium on the third floor, RL digital drawings on the second floor, 2-D digital collages on the first floor, and a beautiful sculpture park on the ground. And don’t forget Chez Ali, my store where you can pick up fun bits from earlier builds.