Infestation in Tofalar

Shortly after I logged in last night, v good friend Michelle (who’s posted her own picture of this) IM’d to say that there was a griefing incident in progress near her. So I popped over to take a look.

Infestation in Tofalar

There were big glowing color-changing physical cubes all over the place, bouncing noisily around and flying through the air and getting in the way.

Quite pretty, but annoying! Especially if one was an owner or trying to be a patron of the stores that they were being spawned in.

Everyone around filed ARs, and I left IMs with the store owner (who can return the spawners) and the owner of the cubes and spawners (inquiring just what the heck he was doing).

Surveying the Infestation

One very useful resource during incidents like this is a one-prim non-physical pseudo-vehicle, like the hoverdisc I’m sitting on here. While seated on a non-physical thing, you can pass right through pretty much anything but a banline or a very sophisticated shield/weapon, and colorful bouncing griefing-cubes are no longer a barrier to mobility.

The Area Object Scan, under Advanced in the Imprudence menu, is also very useful for finding things like griefing-cube spawners. :) In this case they turned out to be two plywood cubes sitting in the unfortunate store in the middle of the cube-storm. I specifically ARd one of them; I wonder if any Lindens ever showed up to destroy them…

Interestingly, except for the cubes themselves bonking into one alla time, the griefing didn’t seem to be having a significant effect on the sim. How far we’ve come! In the old days I think Tofalar, and maybe one or two adjacent sims in all directions, would have been either lagged beyond the possibility of movement, or entirely crashed.

Don’t let anyone say LL hasn’t improved the performance of the Grid over the years. :)

Update: On checking early this afternoon, I was surprised to find the cube-rezzing still going strong. I put in another AR, and went into Live Help (being a Premium Resident an’ all). Live Help asked me for my SL name and RL name and Security Question and birthdate and the last four numbers of my credit card, and then came inworld and said “Wow” and went away for awhile and came back and told me that I had to file a ticket (or actually a “TKT”, haha). So I laughed and filed another AR and also opened a ticket and also talked about it and posted a Group Notice on a group that I know has a Linden or two on it, and before long another Scout came by and bang returned all the nasty objects, and then Tiggs Linden stopped by just to see that everything was cleaned up. So that was nice! (The person who fixed it up said that Live Help isn’t empowered to deal with Abuse stuff, which seems sorta odd.) Pretty as it was, it was annoying, and it’s good it’s not there anymore…