Continent Detector

The continental structure of the Grid is so cool, and so many people have no idea.

Locator: Studying the Map

What can we do to help Raise Awareness?

Of course! We can write a script!

Locator: Hughes Rise

The script, stylishly installed in a subtly-glowing purple cube over my head, informs me that Hughes Rise is in Jeogeot. Which it is!

Locator: Zindra

And my place in Zindra is… in Zindra! (Which you can also tell because of the Racy Pictures in the background.)

Locator: Pteron

And Pteron (like many many other estate islands) is in the Western Ocean (so named by me, in the script).

Another blow struck for Geographical Awareness! :)

21 Responses

  1. Dale did you write this script? I want to be able to give credit for it when I give it away.
    Thank you, brinda

  2. Brilliant you! That is *so* awesome…a complete set of context and place for the entire grid. It’s really significant and demystifies the whole floating in ether feeling when you don’t know what continent you’re on or the sense of placement of them or time of them, which you share and Lalo share in separate, earlier posts. Genuis truly thank you!

  3. oh EXCELLENT! All this time – I have NO idea on which continent I reside. Let’s hear it for SCRIPTING!!!! /me grins: Dale, Script Wizard par excellence

    • :) I b’leve you live in Nautilus (lots of water about)! But give the script a try and report back…

  4. Thanks so much Dale…I’m going to offer it in a wearable prim free to all in my group (currently 245) as well as offer it free at my lil Ross shop. Heck of a job… it works perfectly. I will put your name on it.
    Say… maybe theres a lot of other broken stuff in SL that needs fixing. heh heh **hugs**

    • Fun! That should help the Cause along nicely.

      Suggestions of broken stuff to fix with interesting scripts are always most welcome. :)

  5. Bravo! “Another blow struck for Geographical Awareness”, indeed!

    And might I say, another blow struck against the perception that sims are like websites, SLurls are nothing more than URLs, and there is no distance traversed from sim to sim when teleporting. That all happens to be true, in a literal sense, but perception is what matters in immersive virtuality…

    I.e., it just feels more like a World when you relate to the map of it.

  6. Yay Thanks Dale I’m going to install it in my backpack as soon as I get back in world. Magic!!! :)

  7. Many thanks, Dale. I’ll add a nod to it in my blog whenever I do a monthly road-trip.

  8. Great script Dale!! I wish I would have had this on the cross-continent blimp tour I recently took – one end of the mainland to another. It really would have been fun and most handy!

  9. Great to see all of these grid travelers checking in! :)

    Is there a group or equivalent for people who actually travel the grid rather than always TPing everywhere? I have some free group slots now!

  10. A brisk assam, a soft breeze, crisp linen, old china, you and geography…ah yes

  11. […] wiki from v very wonderful Dale who posted his awesome continent detector script to the SL wiki.  Dale’s script is really a wonderful creation that gives you a sense of place every time you teleport.  Upon landing, I immediately look to […]

  12. […] for good measure here’s a reminder about the Continent Detector, so you can tell where you yourself are!) Like this:LikeBe the first to like […]

  13. […] the other reason for this post: Dale Innes has written a full-perm script which he’s offering through his blog, which you should read. Put it into a wearable prim, and it will tell you which continent […]

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