SL Beta Browser Viewer Client Thing again

I tried it again. It loads even faster the second time. :)

SL Beta In-Browser Viewer again more

I’m the blonde in the red jacket toward the back, doing Tai Chi at Inspire Space Park.

A few more extra notes now:

It seems to be 60 minutes per session; I don’t know what happens after the 60 minutes!

You can run the standard built-in gestures.

You can sit on things, so sit-on danceballs (and Tai-Chi balls!) and just-sit-on teleporters work.

You can touch things, but if the thing then tries to give you a dialog, the dialog apparently doesn’t appear. So menu-driven TP objects don’t work, and even your typical touch-danceball doesn’t work (because you can’t say “yes” to the “Is it okay for this to animate you?” question). I hope they can do something about that!

You can right-click on people and get a sort of little profile subset: it’s a single balloon with I think age and thumbnail of the profile pic, and maybe the profile “About”. Kinda minimal, but better than nothing.

It doesn’t always start you at whatever lame club that was last time; it starts you at maybe a random destination from the destination list, and (if you are observant) you can choose one explicitly before you go in. I randomly ended up somewhere kinda interesting with flames and bridges (and a teleport genie that I couldn’t use because it wanted to give me a menu, sigh), and then I went to Inspire Space Park and did Tai Chi…

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