Bygone Picks V: Ten Thousand Things Camp

Well, obviously. :) Burn2 is over for the year, and so that pick no longer exists.

RL kept me from getting to a Man burn, but I got to one of the closing Temple burns, and got some nice pictures:

Temple Burn 2010

Temple Burn 2010

Lots of people have good writeups on the general closing; I’ll send you off to Honour again for both Man and Temple coverage.

Ten Thousand Things Camp was fun, and I think therefore a success. I expect lots of people passed by without it occurring to them to sit and look in the peepholes in the scruffy-looking wooden cube, but at least a few people stopped by. V good friend Michele did a posting all about it as well as her overall Burn2 coverage (she does these great video-photolog things that I’m going to have to figure out how to do someday when I have time again).

But anyway, now that Burn2 is over, and Ten Thousand Things Camp therefore no longer in my Picks, I have replaced it with the New Toulouse ArtWalk, because it is cool.

New Toulouse

A proper little European town with an artsy Bohemian sort of feel to it, and lots of actual art. Pop over and look around!

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  1. […] absurdly large), and she looked at my profile and saw a Pick there from New Toulouse, which I had added to replace a Burn2 pick when Burn2 ended, and having connections with New Toulouse herself, she IMd, me and we talked, and […]

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