Murder at Skull Creek!

So y’all may have noticed, if y’all were paying Extremely Close Attention, that this is no fashion “blog”. But I do belong to a shopping group or two (wave wave!), and I’m on some subscribe-o-matics, and wildly unlike in RL I enjoy wandering around malls and exploring out-of-the-way shops, and even shopping. And sometimes I get notices of things.

And today, just when I seriously needed some light procrastination, I got a reminder about the Murder at Skull Creek event that WoE and Exodi are doing. It started a week ago, and I don’t know how long it lasts, so rush on over! :)

It involves wearing a nicely-scripted and textured HUD, and basically wandering around finding the scavenger-hunt things and the prim-people to click on, in a nice modern build full of baked-in shadows and a fine autumnal atmosphere, in a sort of creepy inbred too-small town from a slasher flick.

I eventually actually solved the murder by finding all the millions of things you need to click on (select-by-surrounding doesn’t count as cheating, right?), and confronted the murderer (after confronting only one non-murderer), and got the Golden Ticket which lets you get all the prizes.

And nice prizes they are!

(Like my inventory needs more things in it.)

But hey, it was fun!

And so I’m telling all my friends, like the prize boxes all told me to. :)

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