From friend an’ organized-per\son Elura, an SL music thing worth noting:

Covered is a concert dedicated to a single songwriter who performs in secondlife. The idea is to present that songwriter’s music as you would your own. As a performer, you choose the song you wish to perform and you let Elura Galicia know. You also choose one of your originals that you believe goes well with the cover song. Four to six performers will be chosen for each concert. Each concert will cover one artist.

All musicians are asked to promote this concert to their individual groups. Non-music groups may also be invited, Through cross promotion, the music will be heard by more diverse audiences. The venues will post to their groups. When possible, the concerts will be aired live on (indiespectrum radio).

Elura Galicia will coordinate the concert event and host the event.

This is a tips only show. The venues are being donated; as are the talents of those participating. Elura will do her best to graciously request people tip the artists and the venue.

Website information or other promotions: please give to Elura so she may assist you.

These concerts can only take place through your cooperation and generosity.

Thank you,
Elura Galicia

The schedule for the Lexie Covered Concert is:

Lexie’s show
Deadeye – 11:00 1 song, I Could Get Used to You
Raspbury – 11:15 1 song, Kiss
Phemie- 11:30 1 song, Think of You
Pol – 11:45 – 1 song, Drama Magnet
Zorch – 12:00 1 song, End of the Earth
Zane – 12:15 – 1 song, Letting Go
Lexie – 12:30 – 1/2 hour

Sunday, October 10th, 2010 from 11am slt – 1pm slt at the Sound Hole:

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