Dale goes to IMVU

Per all of the “keep the lifeboats handy” posts about Second Life recently, I’ve been going here and there and seeing if there’s a Dale Innis (or DaleInnis) yet.

There wasn’t one in IMVU, but now there is!

Dale goes to IMVU

Well, there sort of is. It actually says “Guest_DaleInnis” above my head, and getting rid of the “Guest” costs US$19.99. I think it is. IMVU has all sortsa little ways like that to coax money out of ya; sort of like the free-to-play Lord of the Rings Online (free mount! for 24 hours; after that you gotta pay). I find the whole “being nickel-and-dimed to death” experience pretty annoying, and I’m glad Second Life doesn’t have lotsa stuff like that.

Anyway! The initial IMVU AVs are all gag-me-with-a-spoon dumb-looking (not in the “boring and generic” sense, but in the “14-year-old boy’s image of a prostitute” sense); but even without paying any “credits” there’s a certain amount of customization you can do. I seem to have started with like 3500 “credits”, and spending about 700 of them got me this nice non-stupid top and bottom. The hair was already in my inventory. :)

So far two boys have wanted to talk to me (before I’ve even gone anywhere, assuming there are places to go); one wanted to Skype / Cam with a nice woman (and was quite grateful when I turned him down nicely haha), and the other is from Columbia and wanted me to help him with English. (Google Translate is amazingly nonawful these days.)

So there ya are… :)

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  1. I too have decided that there’s wisdom in spreading my virtual wings beyond Second Life. I’ve been exploring InWorldz, have managed to import my shape, and seem to spend a lot of time wandering about bemoaning the fact that the shopping experience is very SL 2007.

    Going to an utterly foreign platform like IMVU isnt yet as attractive to me, though I admit I’ll be creating an account in Blue Mars once it REALLY comes to the Mac.

    • IMVU is really strange so far. It’s all unconnected rooms, and it seems like you can be in multiple of them at once. And you can’t walk around! You can only go from one posing-place to another. Also there is a whole section where your avatar doesn’t show at all, and you can just play multi-player flash games. That’s actually the most fun for me so far. :)

      I like Inworldz, but yeah the small and friendly atmosphere has to make up for the primitive state of commercial development! (I really really need to make an exportable copy of my SL shape, sigh. Lots of number-writing-down!)

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