Fractal Heightmap Sculpties

Because I Can. :)

Fractal Heightmaps

This is all the same Python program as before, with the getR and getG functions changed to return simple linear functions of x and y (making the basic plane), and getB changed to return a point from a heightmap, where the heightmap is calculated from an old quasi-self-similar algorithm that I made up years an’ years ago, that produces kinda neat-looking terrains, except that they always have a bias toward diagonal ridges that I’ve been too lazy to squeeze out. Some have a “water table” below which the terrain can’t go, and some don’t.

And you have to set the stitching type to “plane”. I think it is.

In all of these scuplties, btw, I’ve been using the same texture for the visible texture as for the sculpt texture, just to make it more obvious to me what’s going on. That’s not at all required, though; these could just as easily be shiny copper, or grass, or marble, or wood, or what-have-you…