Adric Antfarm

We note with deep regret the passing of a good friend.

Adric was a complicated person, a funny person, a person who often wore a clownish or grumpy or vulgar mask; but under the masks and the grumbling was someone good-hearted, warm, and I think more sensitive and caring than he could always bring himself to admit.

His weblog is a testament to humor and complexity and grumpiness, a wild place of talking cats and armed insurrection and sardonic humor. When he left us, he was working with Amalia on a Burning Life build that had a bouncy-castle, crayons, and a hopscotch court. Which I’m sure he would have taunted himself about extensively in the weblog.

Adric could always make me smile. I will miss him.

8 Responses

  1. We will all miss Adric. :( His comments always provoked a response: laughter, thought, admiration for the turn of a phrase. I enjoyed his photos immensely as well. I particularly enjoyed his set from the 9/11 memorial. I regret that I never told him how much those pictures moved me. May Adric’s memory be for a blessing.

  2. Jesus, that’s just awful! I’ll really miss that man.

  3. Please look at my blog for today…..
    none of us get out of here alive…
    /me cries

  4. *big hugs*

    I’ll miss him too. He lit a candle in a dark room for me once… a good heart and a great mind.


  5. […] and disconnects in the constant storm of drama that swirls around us all. Skylar Daniel Josue Dale Ahuva Honour HeadBurro Antfarm … and more, if you know where to look, I suppose. (Go ahead. […]

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