My Burn2 camp exists!

Just a quick picture for possible interest-whetting. :) The playa is open only to builders at the moment; public opening is mid-October.

BURN2 plot -- sneak preview

I’m happy to see from the Burn2 site that Inner Child Camp and the Stilt Bitches are among the returning theme camps. And also happy to see Nish Mip (whose weblog I adore), and some names I don’t know who I expect will surprise and delight.

(Whispers: there are still some plots available, too; do you have one yet? It’s gonna be a fun time. :) )

11 Responses

  1. That’s because Nish is simply wonderful :)

  2. Fine. $L8000 paid.

    See you there.

    • Woot!

      (I hope there will be waffles.)

      (Also whispers: there is a rumor that the 8000L might sometimes get you more land than you might have been expecting. But it’s only a rumor…)

  3. Mine’s under way, as well. Burners w/ Access can find me over on the NW corner of Bordello (I put up a lil tent and a burning Bear and burning man figurine from years past for the moment)!

    SeanMcPherson Senior

  4. It’s… like a a piece of word in Italian, right?

  5. Darn, you found out! :)

  6. […] :) version 3e of the ThingMaker is out. It’s basically the version that was in the box at Ten Thousand Things Camp; it has a few new thing-making patterns, and it’s the first released version that puts […]

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