Joyous St. Torley’s Day! Yayzerama!

I wasn’t planning another weblog posting so soon after the last one (like I ever plan anything), but then I was reminded what day it is, and I ran inworld for the services and afterparty.

I’m sure I don’t need to tell anyone about the service itself; we’re all familiar with the St. Torley litany from services in our childhoods. Pastor Samantha did the usual heartwarming slideshow, updated to the present day, to the traditional accompaniment of Torley’s own music, in the First Church of Rosedale in the Promised Land of Zindra.

(I must say I am somewhat alarmed by the increasingly secular character of the Resident population these days; concurrency at the time of the service was over 50,000, and I would say we had less than half that many at the Church!)

But in any case, I got some pictures from the service itself:

St. Torley's Day Service at the Church of Rosedale, 1

St. Torley's Day Service at the Church of Rosedale, 2

St. Torley's Day Service at the Church of Rosedale, 3

St. Torley's Day Service at the Church of Rosedale, 4

(If you’re in one of these, feel free to click through to flickr and add yourself to the “people appearing in” thing! If you can figure out how!)

The afterparty, at Four Kittens of the Apocalypse, was a Good Time, with live SL-related (and some zombie-related) music from Kaklick Martin. I started out only slightly appropriately dressed (with the pink fluffy mohawk):

St. Torley's Day Party, 1

but (after cursing a bit at Edit Appearance) ended up much more properly attired:

St. Torley's Day Party, 4

(The green top is a texture from Sabrinaa Nightfire; the pink pants are one from Torley himself.)

Here’s Mr. Martin, whose performance was highly entertaining (although some of us thought that the lyrics to “Imagine there’s no Lindens” were a bit heterodox):

St. Torley's Day Party, 3

A good time was had by all.

St. Torley's Day Party, 2

And I made up a special wearable particle-fountain for the occasion.

St. Torley's Day Party, 5

Hope to see even more of you at Services next year. Yayzerama!

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