Thingmaker 3c: Now, in a box!

Version 3c of the Thingmaker is out (and existing customers updated via my brand-new Update distributor, freely available for public edification).

No new videos this time (’cause I am off at the end of a slow connection this week), but here’s a picture of the box! :)

From the brand-new accompanying notecard:

The Thingmaker has had a number of improvements since version 3b.

In particular:

1) It comes in an attractive box!

2) It includes a notecard, with notes and things!

3) Naturally, the double-secret thing-making algorithms have been even further improved, so it makes potentially even more different things.

4) The Easter Egg for “endless” mode (suitable for display as ‘artwork’), previously documented only in an obscure weblog, is now revealed to all (see below).

5) As well as the usual one-shot version of the Thingmaker, a Menu version is now also included. In the box! (See below also.)


To enable Endless Mode in the Thingmaker, in which it will change shape into thing after thing after thing forever (all the while rotating in a mesmerizing fashion), simply rez a Thingmaker as usual (not the Menu version, just the normal one), go into edit mode on it, and add the word “endless” to the object description (the text-box below the one that is the object name). Then exit edit mode, and touch it.


The brand-new Menu-driven version of the Thingmaker allows you to find good things without having to rez quite so many Thingmakers one after the other. When you rez the Menu version, you should get a menu asking if you want a new one, or if you want to save the current one. Every time you press “new”, the Thingmaker will reshape itself into a new Thing. Only when you finally press “save” will it do the usual thing of removing itself, leaving behind the full-perm Thing for your future use. (Once you press “new”, you will still have to rez a new one to create the next; someday I may figure out a way to rez make multiple things from a single rezzing without hitting the Grey Goo Fence…) If you press “ignore” on the menu and then want to get the menu back again, just touch the object.

Those Annoying Prompts

If you find that any of the Thingmakers prompt you with a message about linking and de-linking objects every time you rez one, here is what you do: rez one, answer the linking-and-delinking question, and then take that same one back into inventory. When you later rez a copy of that one, you shouldn’t get the prompt anymore. I hope.

Isn’t that exciting? :) The menu version, in particular, is something that various people have asked for, and should be a useful time an’ effort saver for people who actually use the Thingmaker to make things (as opposed to just watching it in Endless mode and going “oooo”, like I do).

As always, a mere 175L on “X-Street-SL”.

2 Responses

  1. Listen to my warning people. Dale is not talking about a product here.

    This latest update (which I received at no cost as free updates have always been part of Dale’s Good Deal) spoke to me. I know it sounds crazy. But it told me wear it, collect up some items, and even how to get to Alaska so i can be with the chosen one as the day approaches.

    Please, buy one before it’s too late.

    I bet you.

  2. I’m glad to see how effectively the new version is working! Soon you will know true contentment…

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