ThingMaker — endless

Yes, I have been having far too much fun. :) A pre-release version of the upcoming 3b version of the ThingMaker, a little hack to the code to make it produce things endlessly, a spinning camera-platform, brand-new copies of FRAPS and Windows Media Player, a brand-new YouTube account, good old Soma FM on the land-stream, and there we are!

And you weblog readers get a special behind-the-scenes picture:

The Making of my first Youtube video!

(Your cameraperson there is wearing the wunnerful OrKa outfit from alpha.tribe.)

4 Responses

  1. You spoil us.

    3.1.2 is not the newest? I need to update I guess. Those guys who make Fraps rock. I purchased it many many years ago and they continue free updates.

    • :)

      The latest FRAPS is 3.2.3, but the actual reason my copy is brand-new is that I’ve never had one before. I am a late adopter!

  2. !!!
    gobsmacked! totally!

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