I iz a merchant!

Brief self-plug (unlike all the other postings here hahahaha): having finally been sufficiently assured by various friends that the Thingmaker is a thing that could be sold, and that selling things on xlstreet slstreet xstreet SL is easy, and having in a burst of realization figured out how to set the perms so that the Thingmaker can be no-transfer but the Things that it Makes end up full-perm, I have put it up on there for the utterly random price of 175L.

And three people I don’t know have already bought it!

How cool is that?

Selling stuff is really easy (although I hear xslstreetlsx is soon going to be replaced by some entirely different thing, so who knows). What else should I sell?

I have some Amusing “Tee” shirts I made once…


8 Responses

  1. I can’t put into words what this product has meant to me.

    Thank your sir.

    if you out there have not purchased one, all I can ask is why you hate America and our troops?

  2. omg, @Adric, i adore you!!!! yeah – what he said!!! rofl

  3. Yayyyyy!!!!

    • :) Ty ty. Glad I don’t actually do this professionally; deciding if the 5% xstreetxl commission is more or less than the trouble of an inworld store (or whether one should do both) would require actual thought…

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