If you’re reading this sufficiently close to (or distant from) the time I’m posting it, you’ll see that there’s a new header on the ol’ weblog here, involving two of my more common forms wearing some wild and rather npirl hairs, or hats, or headdresses, or something.

I’m very fond of this banner, first because it fits so cleanly into the rest of the weblog design and I just like the image, and second and vaster because of the story behind those headgears.

I posted the other week about an amazing outfit that I’d gotten at alpha.tribe, and about the alpha.tribe line itself and how refreshingly different it is from the run of the SL mill. I also linked to the alpha.tribe weblog.

Well, I’m guessing that Alpha Auer followed the referer links back to here, and looked around and came upon various posts about the Thingmaker, ’cause I got a very nice communication wondering if a copy might be available. Being utterly flattered, I said sure and sent one along.

Well! While I’ve never seen much of anything but sometimes-diverting abstract shapes in what the Thingmaker makes, the content creators at alpha.tribe apparently looked at the same things and saw… content!

alpha.tribe uses ThingMaker! ("Array")

That’s me, in the alpha.tribe store, wearing a new alpha.tribe headpiece that uses a bunch of Thingmaker-arranged prims! How cool is that?

That one above is “Array”. Here is “Magnolia”:

alpha.tribe uses ThingMaker! ("Magnolias")

And here is (probably my favorite) “Pillow”:

alpha.tribe uses ThingMaker! ("Pillow")

(I don’t have it positioned quite right on my head; when positioned right, the forehead is even awesomer.)

All of them come in like four different colors; here’s the opposite color of Pillow:

alpha.tribe uses ThingMaker! (also "Pillow")

I am bouncing up and down and squeeing constantly since I first saw them. :)

Here’s the Alpha Tribe post about them (which says very generous things about the Thingmaker), and here’s the Alpha Tribe store where you yourself can buy some. (Disclaimer: if you do so, I will probably get some of the money, because they are wonderfully generous.)

Now ppl are encouraging me to sell Thingmakers on xstreet SL or whatever that thing is. And I might do that! If I can figure out how to get the permissions right. And if I don’t get distracted by something shiny!

Random collisions and ad hoc collaborations like this are one of the big things I love about SL…

5 Responses

  1. Thank you Dale!

    The Thingmaker is a marvel. Really is. We generated 50 or so “things”. Well, actually a few more which we did not keep since they resembled prior ones. But what what we kept is definitely far in excess of what we discarded. I really love the randomness, it gives you forms which you would never think of left to your own devices. Really gets the creative juices flowing in unforeseen ways. So, there will be a lot more thingmaker based content at alpha.tribe in days to come.

    As for sharing the earnings with you: But of course! With these headdresses half the work was accomplished through the Thingmaker, which in the end is your brainchild. Only fair that you should get half the proceeds then. :-)

    • Thank you! :) I admit I also find it alot of fun to just rez tons of objects with it and see what pops up. I need to take the time to add half a dozen or so new features to its palette that are simmering in my mind.

      Thanks largely to your urging, a version of it is now on xstreet! I really ought to post a weblog entry about that, too. (You’ll find a copy of it in your inventory, assuming I pushed the right buttons.)

  2. I think you could of worked a cat in there, but I like it.

  3. […] in so very many ways and in so many worlds, including the art world.  Through a series of happenings that Dale shares here, Dale’s brilliant invention called the “Thingmaker” caught the eye of one of the […]

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