Hughes Rise Haunted By Giant (Spinning) Robot!

The other day there was this giant robot in the Rise, just (ummmmm) west of the Park, with the front of it sort of embedded in some banlines, and I thought “Poor robot, I bet it is stuck in those banlines!’.

But, quite a few days later, it is still there!


And, stranger still, there is a person inside! A person named joey!


(joey is indicated by the red arrow in the picture above, in which we have turned off prim rendering in order to see him.)

Here is joey seen close-up:


Grey, isn’t he? Is he a prisoner? A passenger? Might he be the actual operator of the robot?

We sent him an IM, asking if he was there on purpose. Oddly, we got the “User is offline” message, even though he was right there at the time. Later, we got an offline reply from him, helpfully saying “who are you?”.

Here is a robot-centric view of the Rise, with helpful labels:


(1) is the new roadside extension of the Park, with Welcome sign.

(2) is some of the Park proper, visible over the ugly-built arcane-stuff store. (Just beyond the park and the Dreamliner is visible the ugly-built costume shop.)

(3) is the giant (spinning) robot, with joey inside.

(The robot wasn’t originally spinning, it was just hovering there. Then Violet an’ Michele an’ me went over and sat on it for awhile out of curiosity, and when we stood up it began spinning around. It’s been spinning ever since.)

But that’s not the weird thing! The weird thing is that, when just sitting around in the Rise, every once in awhile I see, out of the corner of my eye, a giant robot zoom past! I don’t know if it’s joey, or a ghost of joey, or perhaps some other giant robots, maybe relatives of joey, looking for him. (Although if they were looking for him you’d think they would have found him by now, him being rather hard to miss.)

And that’s very strange. So far I have not been able to snap any pictures of these zooming phantom giant robots, but I may someday! The Truth Is Out There!

In the meantime joey makes a scenic (if somewhat dizzying, with the spinning) place to watch the sunset…


11 Responses

  1. Laughs, a wonderful sharing and always gorgeous photos! Increasingly I think Joey has a ghost in the machine that is his robot. Remember that time when I was ghosted between two sims and was stuck that way for a week? Yet I could still log in but I just couldn’t tp to those sims yet the residents in those sims saw me and IM’d me asking why I was hovering there all grey for over a week? That was maybe a year ago when that happened, I think. You saved me from that ghosting with your suggestions. I bet the sim needs to be reset for Joey’s ghostedness to be released. If he’s experiencing what I experienced, it could very well be he doesn’t realize that he’s ghosted and logs in zipping around…just not in Hughes Rise.

    And the robot is still spinning after we stood up from sitting on it? Wild!!

  2. “Ghost in the machine”… indeed. On two levels: Joey is ghosted inside his robot, and in the server in which Hughes Rise is located.

  3. :) Yes to both. I’ve IMd joey the URL of this posting, so maybe he’ll see it and realize that something odd’s going on. The Rise does seem to get restarted now and then, so maybe he’ll get popped back naturally…

    “Ghost in the machine” is both one of my favorite philosophical cliches (Ryle’s more than Koestler’s), and one of my favorite Police albums. :)

    • I meant to add “cue The Police” before I posted my last one :)

    • (I did type “ghost in the machine” deliberately, although I have to admit I thought it was Pink Floyd that used that phrase. My ghosted memory on the title stands corrected! :) Thank you :))) )

  4. […] Hughes Rise Haunted By Giant (Spinning) Robot! […]

  5. Don’t know if it’s related, but there was a “pink” disturbance over central Jeogeot at the same time,which would include Hughs Rise. Pink again! (looking at the last comment)

    • The plot thickens! Perhaps the pink infestation was spread by the (apparently very speedy) ghost robots!

      Now we just need to figure out how Pink Floyd fits in…

      Dark Side of the Moon!

      (Although the SL Moon probably has no dark side, strictly speaking. Yet!)

  6. This might relate, then

    and this

    Yeah, don’t say it, I know (too much time)

    • Aha! More data.

      In Hughes Rise news, last I looked the giant robot was no longer spinning, and JOEY WAS GONE! But the robot was still there.

      Maybe it only spins when joey is aboard…

  7. I’ll come take a look-see.

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