Alpha Tribe, Green Chaos

A couple of different friends had mentioned Alpha Tribe to me lately, so I just had to go.

They have the most amazing stuff!
Alpha Tribe, Green Chaos
(Yeah, that’s me! Click for larger lightboxed version.)

A fantastic (hehe see what I did there?) reminder of what SL can be, after too many long days of tall tan 90210-style humans…

(Also not cheap. :) Now I gotta buy Lindens again!)

Main store:

9 Responses

  1. Love AlphaTribe! Love this, just love.

    (And I so agree…they are a wonderful reminder of the uncommon in an increasingly 90210-styled world (love that phrasing! Just so love!)

    • Thanks! :) They really are great; sort of combining the freshness and wildness of a newborn attaching a green box to his head for the first time (intentionally!) with the skill and creativity of a high-end clothing designer…

  2. Thank you Dale and also Michele!

    Yes, unfortunately our things are not cheap. They used to be cheaper before April. Funnily enough about the same number of people who buy them now were buying them back then – which means very few. We got a lot of comments about how wonderful they were but when it came to actually buying one people would not even spend the 200 lindens or whatever it was that we were charging for them back then. Which got to be hugely depressing after a while and which is the only reason the prices went up in the end. Nowadays we have the joy of knowing that whoever buys an alpha.tribe avatar really and truly likes it enough to spend a tad more than average SL apparel prices on what they are getting.

    So thank you again! :-))))

    • Woot, thanks for the comments!

      With luck you will discover that phenomenon that some luxury goods actually sell better when you raise the price. :)

  3. Thanks a lot – you’re an enabler you wretched thing. No more skin posts for you!

  4. I forgot to put a link to your post in mine – meant to….it’s fixed now. :)

  5. […] posted the other week about an amazing outfit that I’d gotten at alpha.tribe, and about the alpha.tribe line itself […]

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