Explosions of Color!

Happy Fourth of July!

July 4th at Hughes Rise

Perpetual fireworks, trunks, sparkler, glowing white hair, Uncle Sam Hat, let’s see. Hat-rocket test in 3, 2, 1…

July 4th at Hughes Rise : Rocket hat!

Hat-rocket functional!

A little rest…

July 4th at Hughes Rise : Relaxing

… and off to fireworks at the beach!

SL Fireworks show

Foom! Whoosh!

SL Fireworks show

Ooooooh, ahhhhhhh!

SL Fireworks show

Quite satisfying all around. :)

ColeMarie Soleil

I’ve thought of ColeMarie Soleil as an artist and machinima-maker, and now it turns out she also sings an’ plays the guitar an’ writes songs an’ stuff.

Some people! :)

Here’s the first performance I ever heard her at:

ColeMarie Soleil at FaireWind Isle / The Old Forest

That’s her perched on the edge of the stage as a scantily-clad faerie. :) She doesn’t like stages, she says.

Here’s the crowd; it’s a fun fantasy venue (click through to flickr for SLURL an’ all):

ColeMarie Soleil performs

I heard her again at tHe sHeD later that same night; that time she didn’t get onto the stage at all, just sat down among us, singing and playing in her amazing direct captivating voice.

And she is really nice, too. :)