Nowhereville to Piper Point

I am always gushing about how much I love the mainland for its chaos and randomness, and it’s very true.

On the other hand there’s also alot to be said for beauty and organization, and a place formed through a consistent vision or set of compatible visions. Mostly these are on estates, and mostly they get praised enough already :) which is why I usually spend more of my praise on the neglected mainland. But sometimes…


I was reading a Crap Mariner posting and thinking "whoa, that is a nice-looking place". So I went there and rezzed the Twenty and sailed around on the jib, admiring things.

Here’s the Bridge of Crap’s posting, connecting Nowhereville to Piper Point:


Under the bridge, into the bay:


The waterfalls from above:


And drifting into the bay, past the fishing and lounging area of (I think) the Lonely Yak Roadhouse:


A quiet and soothing place, and a lovely bunch of builds. Order can be just as lovely as chaos, when it’s done well. :)

7 Responses

  1. TY kindly. Shini, Jane, Fricker, Hula, Searaven, and Bela have hit the ground running there, working together to make Piper Point special even *before* it was connected up to the group.

    Jack and Korii have set the bar really high with Woodbridge and Camalot. Those two leave me breathless what they come up with.

    Nowhereville, Edloe, and Harbour’s folks put a lot of heart and soul into their homes and builds as well, coming together here and there for an experience that shows the best of each individual, but also how they connect to the whole.

    Sometimes, I get flak for the selection process and the highschool voting style and popularity contesting.

    Fine. When I win the lottery, I’ll put together island projects out of people who DON’T like each other, DON’T care about how their builds blend together, DON’T have any desire to work something up together.

    Until then, I suppose I must suffer with what’s there now.

    *sigh* ;)


    • Just send those people who give you flak to the mainland; we got LOTS of places for people who don’t like each other, don’t care how their builds blend together, and don’t have any desire to work something up together at all. It’s a riot! :D

  2. Not sure why the Degrassi flag is flying and not ours, but it is very nice looking.

    • Is that the skull-and-crossbones, or the maple leaf? >_<

      • You really should keep up on your Canadian teen soaps.

        The mainland is where it’s at. I’ve always lived there. I like being able to own at below the baron level as opposed to renting.

  3. I suppose I should be the total landbaron whore and say “SE corner of Nowhereville just opened up.”



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