Zindra Pad

So I was doing my daily inspection to confirm that no more land was for sale in the Rise, and I was thinking about my recent posting about the SL7B Nipple Wars and so on, and I remembered that I’d once said, back when the whole Zindra Exile thing was just happening, that eventually most of the mainland should be in Zindra, because after all why would anyone really want to live or hang out with more content restrictions than absolutely necessary?

(I admitted at the time, and still admit, that some people’s being unable or unwilling to adult-verify throws a kink into this nice argument. Also some people want their neighbors’ freedom of expression to be limited, but that set of people isn’t of much interest to me.)

And when these thoughts came together in my mind at the same time, the obvious next thought was “oooh, I wonder if there’s any reasonable land for sale in Zindra?”.

Turns out, there is!


That’s me standing on the roof of a nondescript building sitting on a 1024m2 plot, right on the monorail track and just off a Linden road, right across from the ocean. And for sale at a pretty reasonable price! (Less than 7L per m2, as I recall.)

Here it is from above:


Great urban Zindran neighborhood! You got your automobiles and brothel ads:


(turns out “Toy Slaves Brothel” isn’t a local establishment; it’s off on a private sim somewhere with the subtle understated name “BROTHEL”).

And you got your Pawn Shop and Big Boy Penis:


(photo slightly blurred so as not to upset flickr or wordpress).

And you got your local Dance and Escort sort of club:


The perfect little city hangout, eh? I could not resist, and bought the land and returned the boring building.


I built a raised platform over a nice blue pool of water, with plants:

(That’s the monorail track in the foreground; I still haven’t ridden the monorail, or even confirmed that there are actually any trains. But I suspect there are.)

Up on the platform so far I’ve mostly just put out a few freebies and random things:


I’m thinking once I’ve got it a bit more polished, I should throw a pad-warming party. (Adult-verified friends only, of course.) I could put up big “throw off your clothing and engage in public copulation!” signs!

Or not. :)

6 Responses

  1. I don’t know if it is the return of Phil or the expiration of the restraining order, but your return to posting more frequently not related to other world trolls or whatever is noticed and welcomed.

    Good to read you again old friend.

    • Well, ty! :) Partly related to Certain Other Persons in this house, who have been occupying the Certain Other Game that I was playing more often for awhile. But then once I started being in SL more, I remembered how much more fun it actually is than that Certain Other Game, pretty much all the time. So I tiered up, an’ here I am! An’ also I am just flightly. :)

  2. Seriously, I’ve never been to Zindra yet. I like the sound of a monrail!

    • Nor have I sir. It’s been the ruin of many a poor boy and it looks like Dale is one.

    • Turns out the monorail does work! Although it is a little flaky at sim boundaries (who’d’ve thought, eh?).

      Zindra is great; sort of like normal mainland, only moreso. :) I was standing in the new build with a very wise friend, who observed that it reminded her of an earlier and more innocent SL. Back before the Adult Exile, which I think was sort of SL’s eating of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Back then we were innocent, like Adam and Eve before the Fall; they could get just as kinky and naked as they liked and they had no guilt. But then came the Fall, and people are all like”oh, you can’t do THAT here!”. Zindra is still innocent in that way; you can do (almost) anything!

  3. […] about near my place in Vallone, in wild and wooly Zindra, it turns out that the Liqueur Club, which vanished awhile back, has […]

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