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I’ve been neglecting the Thingmaker lately, out of frustration about how it kept hitting the Grey Goo Fence (i.e. getting “rapid or recursive rez” errors, even though it does only slow and non-recursive rezzing), but then the other night it dawned on me how to modify the script and the object so that it needs do no rezzing at all.

The new Thingmaker is faster, and doesn’t hit the fence. So here are some of its creations that I liked the most so far…

Thingmaker v2, #1Thingmaker v2, #2
Thingmaker v2, #3
Thingmaker v2, #4Thingmaker v2, #7Thingmaker v2, #6Thingmaker v2, #5

6 Responses

  1. All very pretty – I like the 2nd to last :)

    • Thank you! Yeah, that one’s especially fun because the interesting patterns are largely due to roundoff errors in the grid. :)

  2. i rather like the 3rd from the bottom – there is something about the angled layers that appeals. but i really love the first one – makes me think of feathers or wings. it’s very appealing. but most of them are visually appealing to me. *grin* nice job, Thingmaker!!!

    • Yay! :) I will pass on your compliments to the script.

      The first one was the very first one that the new version of the script generated; I was pleased!

  3. You’re never going to learn to be a good griefer if you never find out the workarounds for the Grey Goo Fence. (^_^)y

    • I thot getting the effect without rezzing at all was a pretty good workaround! :D

      (Now that I think of it, though, it’s really weird that bullets, and my Time and Motion pieces, can rez relatively rapidly for a long time, whereas Thingmaker v1 got squelched almost at once… hmmmm….)

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