Art opening Sunday: the Imagine Create No Texture Challenge

Announcement! From Sabrinaa Nightfire:

You are cordially invited to the opening of the Imagine Create No Texture Challenge. The opening is at 1pm SLT on Sunday, February 21, 2010. Erato of Caerleon is hosting this event that features the work of 32 artists whose challenge was to create artwork using no textures. Sculpties, scripts, bumpiness and color were permitted.

Landmark (SLURL)

Music for the opening will be provided by the talented and witty Whirli Placebo. So, come out on Sunday and party with us.

Come out and see the amazing creations these artists submitted. The entries are situated along a path through a jungle created by soror Nishi. The entry to the jungle is by Jedda Zenovka. Below (in no particular order) is a list of participating artists:

soror Nishi
Zhora Maynard
Artfox Daviau
Josina Burgess
Asmita Duranjaya
Dale Innis
Corcosman Voom
FreeWee Ling
Merlino Mayo
Laurel Leavitt
Sledge Roffo
Tegan Jenvieve
Kicca Igaly
Chapl Paisley
Gleman Jun
Miso Susanowa
Maryva Mayo
Physeter Nicholls
Al Lurton
Jess Oranos
Jimmy Debruyere
Misprint Thursday
quadrapop Lane
iTony Pleides
Flicky Exonar
Scarp Godenot
Fuschia Nightfire
Sabrinaa Nightfire
ArtCrash Exonar
Alizarin Goldflake
Daco Monday
Gwen Difference
typote Beck

(Yeah, my name’s up there! :) )


6 Responses

  1. smiles wide…I can’t wait to see your latest artistic creation and that of your fellow artists! Early bravos now for what are sure to be many bravos during the exhibit as well!

    • You are entirely too kind! :) As was Sabrinaa, to accept my perhaps sort of… odd… piece without question.

  2. Could of used a map. There were a ton of slow rezzing pieces there and I cannot involve myself in the lives of artists I do not know even inadvertently seeing their work when looking for the Dale Inns masterpiece.

    Using a system of peeking and running I did make it to the right one. Seems well done, interactive, and something we need to price to sell on Xstreet (free is no good there man).

    I spent an insanely large block of time to get that golden screen shot of my lights in a row but no sooner had all green popped up and I pressed Screenshot – it was gone. I did not even get a power-up or free credit.

    • That is an interesting point; maybe it should pause for longer at the perhaps sort of goal state. But maybe that would lessen the message about the ephemeral nature of reality! If any…

  3. It was incredibly fun to participate in this challenge. My entry, “Pirate Heart” was sweetly placed along the waterfront near the landing point. It was my first entry into a Second Life art challenge and I feel that I learned quite a lot from the experience. Thanks :)

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