The Classic Dungeonmaster

Another WoW posting; feel free to complain. :)

In the relatively recent Word of Warcraft achievement system, there’s an achievement called Classic Dungeonmaster, which involves getting nineteen sub-achievements, each of which requires defealting the last boss of (or otherwise completing) some classic (i.e. included in WoW even before the first expansion came out) dungeon.

Spennix has been taking a break recently, since I’ve been having fun leveling lower-level characters like Deminestia, and since Spennix is mostly a soloer and so isn’t all that enthusiastic about the new easier group-forming stuff in the latest patch. But it occurred to me / her / us that it might be fun to go for this achievement, since as a moderate-geared 80 she can probably solo each of these dungeons, it will give me a little experience with them so I will be better prepared when Deminestia or someone gets to them, and if we are going to do it ever it would be good to do it before the older parts of the world are torn apart by Cataclysm.

At the moment we have just a few left to do! Here is Spennix doing a victory dance over the temporarily dead body of evil Archmage Arugal:

Spennix defeats Archmage Arugal

She is modelling a female-gnome-sized copy of his robes, which for some reason he was carrying on him when she defeated him. :)

Here she is during the cleansing of the Scholomance, temporarily turned into a skeleton by some rude bad guy:

Spennix as a skeleton in the Scholomance

And here she is at home in K3, showing off the Bad Mojo Mask that she got from the boss of Zul’Farrak:

Spennix and the Bad Mojo Mask

Pretty silly, eh? :)

The next one on her list is Sunken Temple (actually the Temple of Atal’Hakkar, but no one remembers how to spell that). The final boss of that place is a big phantom dragon, but he’s asleep and you can’t defeat him until he wakes up. He doesn’t wake up until the big High Priest guy is defeated. And you can’t get to the big High Priest guy until you bring down the glowing green barrier, which you do by defeating five or six little sub-priest guys who are scattered around the instance. And the instance is a flippin’ maze and we are always getting lost.

So here is Spennix taking a little nap with the sleeping final boss, getting up the energy to take care of all of that:

Spennix and the Shade of Eranikus


The main reason I’ll never be a Serious WoW Player is that I like having fun doing silly easy stuff like this at least as much as I like going on Big Serious Raids for Awesome Gear, which is what the Serious Players do.

(Click on each picture for the flickr page for a larger version.)

12 Responses

  1. God this made me smile! And I love the fun and explorations (and also how you wove in a little fashion commentary along the way). You rawk in all worlds and all looks.

    • Awww, ty! :) WoW is surprisingly dense with funny or silly or frivolous things, if you look for them a bit…

  2. Egads…I forgot to fill out this form before clicking the submit comment button!

  3. I’ve never played WoW. Of all the posts I’ve read about it, this one most made me want to try it out.

    • Very gratifying to hear! :) Thanks. I think there are alot of people that have fun in WoW rather than being Serious Power Players. They probably just don’t post about it as much…

  4. So big blue turns their evil eye towards WoW.

    Get me her on line two, fire up the blog.

    • Since you let the cat out of the bag, I have posted more complete details in the next weblog post…

  5. hehe – I doubt WoW is for me (although my 14yr old self would never have believed I’d say that – a serious fantasy RPGer was I in the early 80s) but it looks fun. Is the Mr T handgrenade real? I’ve seen it advertised on telly and it looks very funny ;-D

    I’ve been having mucho fun back in Left 4 Dead 2 this week – managed to do the last section (The Parish) in a 35 minute RUN!!! style. Wasn’t my chioce, but the guys I found myseld online with wanted to so I ran along with them – brilliant fun! The bridge at the end was total chaos and carbage from start to finish and we all escaped in the military helicopter as I did a victory dance in my chair at home :-D

    • The Mr. T Hand Grenade is indeed real! And quite silly. :) In fact, as I say above, WoW has a *lot* of humor and silliness and sly cultural references and opportunities to lie around and fish, or throw parties, or whatever. Nowhere near the creative potential of SL, but as MMO *games* go, I think it scores pretty well on flexibility of play style and so on. I’ve never played any of the “Left 4 Dead” games (that “4” alone would probably keep me away!), but sounds like you enjoyed it. :)

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