How to keep a geek happy :)

Homestead Island Sandbox

I am out of frame to the right of this picture, in the Homestead Island Sandbox on OSgrid, one of the OpenSim-based grids on the net. It’s a bit lonely in terms of socializing, and things crash and otherwise don’t work more often than in Second Life say, but still…

That little semi-transparent flying saucer that you can see, passing in front of the sign just under the word “Island”, is fliting around the sandbox, randomly laying down those colored squares that you see scattered about. All over the whole sim! (They delete themselves after five minutes.)

Sometimes it’s nice having a whole region to oneself. :)

10 Responses

  1. I agree… it’s great for just going crazy and playing.


  2. Yes.. We do all sorts of stuff with hookers too, but we don’t want to live with them and no one sings their praises.

  3. wow. a whole world with no content. my fingers itch to build….

    • Yeah! You should rent yourself an OpenSim somewhere. :) I’ve been looking around; it’s like $40/month on OSGrid, apparently like $25/month on ReactionGrid, for a whole region. Of course a bit less stable and (ehem) a tad emptier than SL, but…

      • Dale, if you are in OSGrid, are you confined to your patch of turf, or can you TP between places like you do in SL?

      • You can TP all over (as long as the destination is open to the public), just like in SL. The main difference perhaps being that the destination is more likely to be “not online at the moment” than in the SL grid, depending…

  4. Hey Dale – cheapest and easiest way is to set up a sim yourself on your own machine and link it to OS Grid. With Hypergrid capabilities now available, you can host your own right there. It’s a bit of a mind bender when you’re friends are sitting in your desktop about 6″ away from your knees! All the best, and see you in OSG. SS.

    • That is a point. But being sysadmin for my own server attached to the network that other people might care whether it is up or not (or even that I might) isn’t on my list of things that I want to devote time to just now… :)

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