Eat at Joe’s!

No, no, wait, that’s not it, hold on… I mean: buy boats at Dale’s Motorsports! :)

I have finally finally finished populating at least the first set of products (“products”) on the tiny parking space in Busy Ben’s Vehicle Lot that I won six months of lease on in the lottery, as previously mentioned. Here it is all set up:

Busy Ben's Spot Finally All Ready

No more “Coming Soon” signs! I’ve had the first three products (the basic boat, a really cheaup nomod limited-time demo version, and a lifetime subscription to future upgrades) out for quite awhile, but the last product (the one at the top there in the picture) took a bit longer. It’s the most complicated, since what you actually buy is a device that lets you and anyone else who comes by your land rez temporary boats to use; so it’s a product within a product, and required lots of testing.

And also I am really easily distracted. :)

(In case you are wondering, the complex pink texture in the left side of the picture there is from the quite large and flashy boat-selling display in the lot next to mine. Their boats look much more realistic, but higher prim!)

Then, due to great good luck and great good friends, I got the opportunity to set up another store in a place with quite a bit more space, in Waterway West New York, which is one of a whole bunch of sims run by Southern Tier Health Link New York.

My Store! WaterwayWest NewYork 242 90 21

My piece of pier is quite a bit bigger than the parking space at Busy Ben’s, so as well as the four Seaspray products, I’ve got a few of my photographs (appropriately water-themed) out for sale, and some places to sit an’ stuff, as well as a boat-rezzer so people can zoom around completely free.

I should do a whole weblog posting just on the NY HealthScape sims, ’cause they are cool. While I’m getting around to that :), here’s a Chestnut’s Choices from back in August, that talks about the place a bit. And here’s the Snapzilla photos of Panacea Luminos, the head honcho. And here’s a Second Citizen thread about the opening of a marvelous art exhibition there. Come by!