My commercial empire!

I mentioned last time that I won a spot in Busy Ben’s Vehicle Lot, in the Boats section.

Monday was the first day we could move in, and I’ve moved in!

Well, sort of:

Space 44 _ Busy Ben's Vehicle Lot and Rezzing Area, Oak Grove

Right now the only thing you can actually buy is the Preview Version of the Seaspray 1.1; a nice 1-prim 1-rider zipping-around boat with no fancy features, for a mere 25L. (What a deal!) That’s a model of it spinning around in the middle there; it comes in red. :)

(But it is mod.)

Soon the Basic Version will be available, which will have lots of customization features (125 colors, nine textures, shine and glow and light), locked and unlocked modes, fast and slow modes (the current one is pretty fast, and not hard to lose control of while zooming), and like that. That one will be 50L.

And later there will be an auto-updating version, and a rezzer so you can let your guests produce their own auto-cleanup copies, and, and, and…

Unless I get distracted. :)

Busy Ben’s (I’m in slot 44).

20 Responses

  1. hey, at least it’s only 1 prim.

  2. And it’s a wonderfully sleek, fast sexy smart boat that slices through the water and banks effortlessly! I’m learning to have a lighter touch with it (and look forward to the speed mode version) because it is so very fast. Either way, It’s a great ride and a really hot look.

  3. @Vextra: The post-Preview version will be two prims; I’m adding a dashboard! (I find it annoying when a vehicle pops up a distracting control menu whenever you touch it anywhere.)

    @Michele: It’s so nice when the beta testers are enthusiastic! :)

  4. You made my head ache. 25L for that one, 50L for that one, 5L for that one but boom goes the dynamite, then there is another one and a rez one…. Dude…..

    I had no choice to but launch an investigation to see if your permits were in order ( Then the ADD took over with Mia Linden’s outfit and freakshow ( was much more interesting than your pricing.

    Also, I found you are actually being decent compared to trek boy and his 1000L+ items or the pink scooter for something like 500L.

    I do like the scooter however. See if you can talk them down.

    • Yeah, I wanted to have a complex multi-layered product line because I thought it would be fun. :) I am mostly RPing entrepreneur here, not intending to make money. Not that I would mind actually making a few L…

      Yeah, it’s a great neighborhood. Apparently some newbies still get sent here from the orientation area (into a parking lot; fascinating!), and there’s a “Vehicle Rezzing Area” (aka sandbox) right nearby where various weapon fans hang out.

      So all in all it’s fun an’ chaotic. :)

  5. Funny thing is, I was just there in that sandbox yesterday. If you saw a giant zeppelin floating around, that was me.

    • Cool, small grid! (Just as long as you weren’t the one running the “kangaroo penis” gesture over and over and over and over and over and…)

      • Nope, definitely not me. That’s a great sandbox because it’s large, the sim transitions are pretty quick, and sometimes there’s a Linden around so everybody behaves nicely.

      • Didn’t actually think it was you. :)

        Yeah, one of the locals told me Mia Linden had been around (presumably looking to see that the Lottery winners were actually using their winnings); sorry I missed her…

  6. […] November 7, 2009 by Michele Hyacinth My very very wonderful friend Dale Innis is amazing in so many ways…from scripting, building, photography, teaching, mentoring, writing, brilliant thinking, terraforming to his incredibly open, caring, generous, beautiful heart and soul.  I would need to write more than several posts to even try to describe all of how wonderful Dale is as a person and to everyone who knows him.   And even then, words would fail.  But where words do succeed is in describing Dale’s latest creative venture:  that of a brilliant content creator!  Yay!!!! […]

  7. Post Dale.

    We miss you.

    • Awww, shucks! :) Has it been that long? RL has been crazy, and I am ‘way behind in like my weblog reading and writing. And my boat-finishing, for that matter! Although I do have some stuff for sale there in Busy Ben’s, and at another location too that I don’t remember the name of right now.

      I do have a Big Important Sounding Weblog Entry That Isn’t Just All About Me in mind. Maybe I will post it sometime, for my devoted readers. :)

      (An’ belated 11/11 wishes, while yer here!)

      • erm….location you can’t remember? ROFL

        Dale’s Motor Sports, WaterwayWest NewYork (242, 81, 22)

      • That was it! :) I need to do a posting on the whole area; it’s lovely.

        And the landlord is very generous…

  8. No hurry, just finishing the swine flu list and wanted to make sure I had the casualties totaled. The sad truth is you mainly hear about scripted deaths in Second Life, so if we heard we would of assume you were lying and demanded to see a body.

    Fishing is lame and you have to know that. You sit there. You sunburn. You sit there. You sit there. You don’t even use a gun.

    Oh yes, 11/11, a day we will never forget. If we try, the parade reminds us which was quite nice this year even if the WWII supply is running low meaning one day they will ask others to take part.


    Looking forward to this entry of yours. Until then I have to reply on Prad for my feeling man blog.

    • That was boat “finishing”, not boat “fishing”. :) The boats I sell wouldn’t be very good for fishing; they’re more the “quite fast and hard to control” type.

      But I do love 7Seas fishing. If you haven’t done it, you should!

      Big Important Weblog Entry is posted (and you commented even!). Now off to read yours…

      • I saw that but was trying to picture how one gets a non-finished boat without loosing it to the sea.

        I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but if you step back and look at the overview, you are paying for a pole and bait to camp.

        I realized this during a bear hunt and Something Linden had put one in that damn thing. Ended up with 20 or so lame fish in my inventory before getting the bear.

      • haha good point on non-finished boats. In this case it means that the buyable rezzer (which you can install on your own dock so that visitors and passersby can rezz a temporary copy of the boat and ride it around for awhile) isn’t completely scripted yet. Soon! Probably!

        For me, the price of the bait (and the amortized cost of the pole and other one-time stuff) is more than made up for by the cool fish one can catch, and the social fun of the occasional group-fishing party. YMMV, as they say…

  9. […] My commercial empire! […]

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