Blake Sea Ferry

I have a vendor spot in the “Boats” area at Busy Ben’s Vehicle Lot, and I’ve been working on a boat to sell there, hanging out in the Blake Sea – Azimuth rezzing area as a workspace for no particular reason. And every once in awhile a big empty boat would pass by.

The other day I sat on the boat to see what would happen, and found myself in the pilot’s seat, pretend-steering the ferry between various islands. I happened to be IMing nice friend Mallow at the time, and TPd her over to see. When she sat, she appeared in the pilothouse next to me, co-piloting away:

Isles _ Blake Sea - Kraken (84, 8, 27)

(Nice pale Windlight sky preset whose name I don’t remember.)

I know I’ve been sort of skeptical about Linden-run builds in SL, and that includes, directly or indirectly, alot of the stuff in the Blake Sea.

But I can’t deny that they can be fun, and also really lovely…

Sea Spray _ Blake Sea - Jones Locker (222, 26, 27)

See you on the high seas! :)