Lighting the Lamps

I love the idea of the RL Burning Man. And when I dream about going to Burning Man, I often dream in particular of going and being a Lamplighter. I’m not sure why; I think it’s in my nature to want to be one of the people who bustles around making places work, rather than one of the creatives on the front-lines. :)

But anyway! So when a call came over the Burning Life Access group IM the other night saying that the Lamplighter Procession in Burning Life was about to start, I was delighted, and I zipped right over (well, eventually; I had alot of script editing windows to close and stuff). Nice friend Michele was hanging around being tolerant of my scripting at the time, and we zipped over together.

I figured that not being in the actual Lamplighter group we could just sort of tag along on the outskirts, but the Lamplighters were extremely open and generous, and were handing out The Official Clothing to everyone that wanted it.

Lamplighter! _ Lamplighter Village_ Burning Life-Fly

I love the outfit. :) The fire-fans I’m waving around there are from the standard BL Greeter box.

We played the drums and talked to the nice people, and eventually the procession started out, heading north from Lamplighter Camp to the Temple, lighting lights along the way. I got called out to RL somewhere in the middle (naturally!) and when I got back the procession had moved on (except for Michele, who was kind and stayed behind for me).

We started flying northward to catch up to everyone, and we passed all sorts of cool stuff on the way.

Lamplighter, bugs! _ Yoa Ogee - Friends are everywhere, Burning Life

That group there is in Yoa Ogee’s amazing "Friends are Everywhere". And they are indeed!

A bit further along, we came to this:

Lamplighter, Petal Stage _ Burning Life, Burning Life-Jungo

First, notice the amazing colors and general breathtaking beauty of the Petal Stage. Then look a little closer, and notice the amazingly realistic statue of a naked female spirit of some kind that rotates in front of it (there are several similar figures around the build). Not AVs: really really well done sculpted and textured prims. Incredible!

We eventually got to the Temple :) and there was everyone, dancing around and drumming and having a great time:

Lamplighter, Temple _ Burning Life-Hardin, Burning Life-Hardin (1, 6, 24)

I’m not entirely certain where I am in this picture. Probably flying and on fire and stuff! I can find myself much better in this image, where I’m the flying on fire one at center right; and I think Michele is on fire on the ground below me.

So that was an extremely fun spontaneous evening. And while it satisfies some tiny part of my dream of lighting some lamps at the RL Burning Man, it also makes me dream of it even harder…

In other news, here I am in a rocket, and I won a spot at Busy Ben’s Vehicle Lot in the lottery! Woot! :)

4 Responses

  1. Such an awesome wonderful time, as always always! :) “Tolerating?”…how about having a fantastic time in each and every second! :) Your pictures are amazing as always and again in such incredible lag (although you move so wonderfully). In the last picture in your entry, I’m in white closest to horizontal edge of the picture (in the foreground), and you’re right in front of me, covered a bit unfortunately by the smoke and fire from my baton. (A bit of your red hair is peeking out from under the fun white hat.) Congrats on the boat stall!!

  2. :)

  3. Awesome! I only spent one evening at BL, sadly, but I did pick up the Hot Stilt Bitches costume and goodies…and oh, what fun!

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