Get Your Bling On!

I still feel a little guilty for having been so mean to Twinity. So on this latest newsletter announcement thing from Metaverse, I’ll let the big graphic speak for itself.


Yay “BLING“! :)

/me exits, stifling giggles.

3 Responses

  1. Call me a snob. Call me spoilt. Call me Susan, but as soon as I see isometris, cartoony graphics my brain says “You know, for kids!” and I zone out.. It looks as annoying at the YoVille crap my missus plays on FB.

  2. (sorry – bad back = bad mood – I’ll cheer up soon :-D )

  3. Yeah, I know what ya mean, Sue. :) Seems too tiny and cartoonish to really get immersed in.

    I can’t decide how tongue-in-cheek the “GET YOUR BLING ON” thing is. The tiny Metaverse AV being all cute there among the posing shadows seems sort of satirical, but the announcement newsletter that it was embedded in seemed quite unselfconscious. A mystery!

    Get that back better…

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