Burning Life 2009

As previously noted, I tend to avoid big Linden-run Grid-wide celebrations, on the theory that they are likely to be laggy and disappointing. Two years ago I helped out slightly at the VAA build in Burning Life 2007. Last year I apparently completely ignored Burning Life 2008.

But this year, maybe because I have a fast lag-busting machine, or because so many of my friends have builds, or whatever, I’ve been paying more attention to Burning Life, and have a few million pictures of it, a random subset of which I’ve saved to disk and uploaded to flickr. (See Chestnut Rau’s NWN posting for pointers to the Official BL Info stuffs.)

Here I am riding a unicycle beneath a couple of fire-juggling Stilt Bitches. (A camp based on one at the RL Burning Man.)

Stilt Bitches _ Burning Life, Burning Life-Nightingale (67, 185, 24)

The Steel Racoonfish circling my head is from some earlier fishing. :)

Here I have found my own fire-sticks to juggle, and monocycled up to the top of a spiral ramp in a build adjacent to the Stilt Bitches.

Firesticks _ Si 's challenge , Burning Life-Nightingale (75, 195,

Shortly after taking that picture, I fell scenically (is that a word?) to the gritty ground.

I love this next picture. Somewhere after the Stilt Bitches, I think while hanging around with Ava an’ Corwin, I changed shape and clothes, and then I went off and visited Sabrinaa Nightfire’s Peace and Love Oasis. She has a lovely area where you take a danceball and go swimming through a series of translucent hearts (and I did one of the scripts that powers it!).

Heart Dancing _ Peace and Love Oasis by Sabrinaa

The fish is a nice subtle touch in that shot, eh? :)

Somewhere in here friend Michele joined me and we went exploring about at random.

Snapshot _ Soul Heaven, Burning Life-HIgh Rock (23, 159, 43)

We’re somewhere down there, dancing around in your typical “dance club set in the clouds above a grungy urban vacant lot”. Very SL. :)

And here we are in another typical BL09 performance area, set on a giant’s table among the food:

Dancing on Food _ _-_Ladonna and Ocram Music stage

(Somewhere in there I turned my hair bright green and added some glow. Note to Blue Mars: any virtual world in which I can’t do that kind of thing on a whim is just not in the running.)

With my draw distance turned up a bit, looking out over some of the odd and intriguing things scattered around the playa:

Looking out _ _-_Ladonna and Ocram Music stage, Burning Life-Paiu

The camp to the right there is ArtCrash Exonar’s; great spikey sculptures. The one to the upper left I don’t think I ever got to. So much to see!

AM Radio’s camp is small but amazing. Not only can you get an on-fire version of AM’s classic bundle-of-sticks attachment (and a free wheatfield!), but you can also draw graffiti on the side of a train!

TrainPaint _ AM Radio - Among Other Things, Burning Life-Jung

I drew that silly face there. :)

(I’m not completely sure how that works, but my drawing is also on flickr, whence one might find some clues as to the mechanism.)

This next picture, at Veronique Wellesley’s “Dream of Water in the Desert”, is out of sequence; I think it actually comes just after my visit to Sabrinaa’s camp. Or something.

Veronique Wellesley's _Dream of Water in the Desert_

Anyway, it’s lovely and soothing, a cool blue oasis in the desert, with original poetry and lots of running water.

(Rezago Kokorin has a nice oceanic build also, that I don’t seem to have downloaded any of my pictures of. I should!)

And then I took about a billion pictures at Poid Mahovlich’s “Cabaret of Flame” camp. I’ll only burden you with a few of them here :) but it was a lovely build, a great crowd, and a really fun time.

Fire 3 _ )'(  ----_    [ Cabaret of Flame, Burning Life-Rabbi

(That’s Michele to my right bein’ a scantily-clad fire worshipper. And the sky is, I think “[TOR] Commie Sky” from the Sky Settings Editor Thingie.)

Different part of the same camp, with a different sky preset, and draw distance set high enough to show another camp sizzling in the middle distance:

Fire 5 _ )'(  ----_    [ Cabaret of Flame, Burning Life-Rabbi

The central tower of the camp, seen from above in natural playa-light.

Above _ )'(  ----_    [ Cabaret of Flame, Burning Life-Rabbi

Really gorgeous! I’m always amazed by what visual types can do in SL.

And finally (for now), the camp’s dance area, natural light set to midnight:

Night _ )'(  ----_    [ Cabaret of Flame, Burning Life-Rabbi

I am just visible in center left due to my green glowing hair. :)

8 Responses

  1. Glad to hear you helped out a few years ago, but then again it’s not you make a habit of explaining any lack of effort with tired stuff like you don’t need to help the girl scouts by buying cookies as you are a veteran which allows them to not be red scouts.

    They just cry btw.

    Not sure on the outfit and I see this Ankh jewelry as a repeat offender. I do hope you aren’t in one of those cults who knocks on my door early Saturday morning asking were I to die today “am I sure I would go heaven”.

    Jehovah’s do not cry btw. They are used to profane screaming and slamming doors I guess.

  2. I’m sure they’re very used to that. No doubt you’ve been prayed for many times by retreating persons in nice suits.

    Door-to-door folks wearing ankhs would probably be inquiring as to whether you had made the required appeals to Isis for the proper behavior of the Nile this season. Which isn’t very common these days, in my limited experience…

  3. So very, very wonderful always with you! :) Your photos are truly amazing…I just can’t get over how you create such gorgeous compositions and captures within seconds even when there’s so very much going on around us (so much so that my poor machine struggled at 3.6 fps!)! Ohhhh, I didn’t realize you scripted parts of an exhibit – you didn’t say! You are so incredibly talented!!!

  4. :) Thanks for wandering around with me! Yeah, awhile back Sabrinaa asked me for a script that would move someone along a path while animating the AV. She’s used it to to good effect in a couple of builds now; she does neat stuff! Always large and festively colorful and not too full of itself.

  5. oh my goodness, such an endless delight and entirely my pleasure, always everywhere thank you :) and thank you for such wonderful fun together! :) (…and too also I adore your art on the side of the train car :) )

  6. I’ll make my yearly trip to the lagzilla to see my mates stuff too – dying to see what Nish has done this year and then see what Marianne & Holo have too :)

  7. I randomly looked at the Events list last night and it turned out I was just in time for a very cool performance and reading of an old Japanese ghost story at Inner Child Camp. It was great! I took pictures, but if I posted every picture I’ve taken during BL it would be a whole lot of pictures…

  8. wO5hMf Excellent article, I will take note. Many thanks for the story!

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