Game! Three Colors!

I made a game! It has three buttons, and five lights! Look!

Game!  Three colors!

It used to have only two colors of lights (red and green), but the game was too easy. So now there are three colors of lights (red and green and the new yellow!), and it is not as much too easy!

Each button is connected randomly to two or three of the lights. When you push a button, it changes the colors of all the lights that it is connected to; if the light was red it turns yellow, if it was yellow it turns green, if it was green it turns (wait for it!) red.

If you get all the lights to be green (and the lights are started out in a pattern that ensures that it’s possible), the game makes an appealing noise, lets you admire the green lights for a couple of seconds, and then rewires all the buttons to new random lights, and scrambles the colors of the lights to start a new game.

Isn’t that incredible? :) Copies of the game are available from the author upon request! Many thanks to beta-tester Michele!

5 Responses

  1. Very much my pleasure :) , and It *is* incredible!! :) Your creation is *wonderful* and very soothing even when the pattern of lights doesn’t reveal itself (like that one round when I just couldn’t get all the lights green but you did)! And you’re oh so right, smiles…the sound is very pleasing too! :)

  2. That’s not a game… it’s an Enigma machine for toddlers so they can communicate ways in which to best their tired parents.

    I know of what I speak.

  3. :) to both of you!

    There’s actually code in the script to make it so that one of the buttons *shifts* the light color pattern (either right or left), rather than changing some of them. But I have that tuned off for now…

  4. A box with lights?

    Wow. I actually can’t think of anything that would make this funny. You have sucked all the joy out of a topic. That is a pretty impressive feat.

    Let me think.

    Oh yeah. Great comment on NWN. It’s a shame Ann went over the edge again canceled you out but I go back to my old silly statement of leaving you decent wife for a super model and that not happening. Should of stayed with frumpy.

    Hold on. Do you think you could make this more like Simon? I would want it then.

  5. Mu hahahaha! My nefarious scheme to make a post that Adric could not comment sardonically on has succeeded! Although Adric then went and commented sardonically on it…

    Glad you liked my comment. Ann was relatively coherent there, really; didn’t mention anyone who should be specifically sued. And I like the “mass market as supermodel” idea. :)

    Yeah, it would not be hard to make a Simon-like thing. I’ve seen a few in SL, even. I would have to make it not look too much like the actual toy which is no doubt protected by design patents and stuff, but it seems unlikely that the basic “repeat my ever-longer series of light-flashes” idea is original with Hasbro or whomever (there’s even one in WoW!), so that wouldn’t be a problem…

    / goes off to work on it :)

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