Bouncy bouncy!

Yes, the most recent version of the Emerald viewer has a preference checkbox called “Enable enhanced physics for avatar breasts”.

Yes, if you enable it, and you’re a girl, your bewbies will bounce (quite subtly and realistically, unless you slide the associated sliders) when you move.

Yes, at least half of the Plurks and group IMs I saw yesterday were related to these facts.

And that’s all I’m gonna say about that. :)

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  1. […] they cheap as suggested or is this an indication they feel this bullshit is just not worth cash? Video Please And of some running please. You don’t put the moobies out like that and pull….What? He […]

  2. I saw an episode of Ghost Whisperer yesterday where that very fact meant I can not tell you a damn thing about the plot other than it involved a highly inappropriate dress for a funeral.

    What were we talking about again?

  3. That’s television for ya! I watched some the other day, but it was stupid. :)

  4. Second Life bouncing boobies are my hero(es).

    Thank you Emerald.

    /me returns to Pixel Perving.

  5. Is all very mysterious! It’s not clear exactly where the EPAB (Enhanced Physics for Avatar Breasts) effect appears, or is supposed to appear. Some people (including me) seldom see it at all, and rumor is that sometimes you have to “relog a few times” before it will appear. Some theories hold that EPAB will be visible only if both the viewer and the viewee are using Emerald with the feature enabled, while others claim to have seen it when they were using Emerald, but the viewee was using the mere Linden viewer.

    And all this is compounded by the fact that the main Emerald website seems to have disappeared, or to appear only sporadically, like a ghost-ship seen through the mists…

  6. […] of course there are the enhanced avatar physics. :) But I was using Emerald before that feature was […]

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