Twinity achieves new heights of… something

I occasionally think about trying out Twinity again, but then I get an email newsletter from them, and that invariably dampens my enthusiasm.

Delicious avatars in their finest clothes!The latest one announces a party at “Twinity’s first yoga & wellness lounge”, to mark “the launch of its new designer jewelry collection” (because every yoga and wellness lounge needs a designer jewelry collection!).

I am urged to “come along to the party dressed in your finest clothes and take part in the most delicious avatar contest”.

And apparently to illustrate a delicious avatar wearing the finest clothes, we have the memorable image shown here.

Now maybe this is horribly lookist of me and I should be ashamed of myself, but… ewww!

Grainy image, awful pose, dumpy clothing, and a necklace that looks like it was drawn onto the skin with a sharpie. I dunno what they’re thinking here.

Normally I wouldn’t bother being mean to them about this, but the other awful thing in this particular newsletter makes me want to impose some sort of punishment.

It’s this:

Jacko is alive & has been spotted in Twinity! Get a snapshot and win globals – be there at our “Paparazzi Time” on Thursday at 15:00 CET!

I don’t think one has to be a Michael Jackson groupie to find this horribly offensive. Let’s simultaneously exploit our customers’ greed and the image of a recently-dead celebrity! Woo woo!

Epic fail much?

(I replied to the newsletter pointing out how utterly disgusting it was, and got a “relay access denied” failure. Not only is their marketing department tasteless, but their IT department can’t configure an email server.)

24 Responses

  1. the “dumpy” avatar at least looks calm.
    or spaced out.
    yoga oblivion, got to love it.

  2. i’m sure, though, the twinizens are having fun.
    don’t be too harsh on them.

  3. Thank you, you are right! I feel vaguely guilty and mean about this post. The “Jacko” thing just pushed me over the edge. :)

    Goddess, teach me kindness…

  4. Frumpy? Heavens, yes. Just about any SL clothier makes infinitely better-looking outfits.

    But… that outfit, dowdy as it may be, has properties I devoutly wish would come to SL:

    1. The skirt is a skirt, not a bunch of strips of cloth tied together at one end.
    2. The top is a top, not a mapped texture like those trompe l’oeil body paint jobs that one finds on the occasional magazine cover.

  5. Those are good ideas; are there JIRAs for them? We do have system skirts, but they’re awful. :) I’m not sure that the Twinity tops are more than just texture maps onto the body shape; as far as I recall they’re done just like SLs. But I don’t know that much about Twinity clothing…

    • True… it may be that the Twinity body shape has a single lump where the SL avatar has actual breasts, to get around the problem of real cloth jumping across concavities while still just mapping a texture.

      VWR-1080 asks that something be done about clothing versus concavities (most notably cleavage). Real clothing jumps across concavities, and has stress wrinkles–that’s a lot of calculation. Just having tops and trousers not vacuum sealed to one’s torso and posterior would be a major step forward.

      • The painted-on effect can be reduced by the “looseness” or whatever it’s called slider on SL clothing; but it’s not very well done, and mostly results in looking like you’re wearing inflatable clothing. :) You’re right that convincing-looking clothing drape and wrinkle is pretty amazingly expensive to compute. Maybe that will be the next Windlight-flavor issue in the viewer. Well, after dynamic shadows…

  6. Agree that celebrity exploitation as a marketing ploy is pretty tasteless, particularly exploiting a dead celebrity. I also wasn’t a fan of the FL commercials a few years back that had Audrey Hepburn in them (and I love Audrey Hepburn), although I’m sure some didn’t mind them. Hopefully, Twinity will drop the dead paparazzi theme…that approach really can backfire. If they have to go to the grave to sell, it makes me wonder…

  7. Unless it was a 400ft Mechazombie Jacko striding across the land swatting fighter jets and breathing plasma fire down on the the city… I mean, I’m just saying that would be cool… er, I’ll get my coat…

  8. Clothing? You’re forgetting SpeedTree my friend – that must be arriving soon as well :)

  9. i wish i had celebrity teeth. did you ever notice, almost all of them have perfect teeth?

  10. So Twinity will have really exciting foliage? Woot! :)

    Celebrity teeth: the best money can buy, I expects?

  11. Oooo, no – SpeedTree in Sl – Osprey spotted some stuff about it on a Linden’s computer ina picture he posted :-D

  12. Oooooh, that would be interesting! :)

  13. Thank you , interesting read.. I been trying to understand what twinity is about, frankly I have not been able to understand what I am doing there. I also dont understand about the mirror world stuff.. Its supposed to be real places. but so many things in twinity is fake.

    Maybe I am using it wrongly.. Ya, Jacko is s cheap marketing ploy.

    • To be brutally frank about it, I think the mirror-world stuff is Twinity’s main attempt to be something different from Second Life; without it, they’re just like SL only with much less function and hardly any people. On the other hand, the mirror-world stuff is really a limitation more than a feature: it commits Twinity to making things that are like existing RL places. Wouldn’t expect to find a faerie island or a starship in a mirror world! And for people who DO like the idea of a copy of Paris or whatever, Second Life of course has those also.

      I think unless Twinity come up with something really interesting and new, they will be just a footnote. Not that there’s anything wrong with that of course :).

  14. […] Posted on 22 October 2009 by daleinnis I still feel a little guilty for having been so mean to Twinity. So on this latest newsletter announcement thing from Metaverse, I’ll let the big graphic […]

  15. Thank you Dale,

    I think you hit it right on the head.. I think Twinity is definately trying to be different from 2nd life. That is good from a marketing angle. However the way they execute it is absolutely tasteless.. I no longer read their blogs and doubt every announcement they make.

    All the fake apartments and pubs and meaningless events.. Man.. dont mean to be a ass but its actually quite boring..

    I dont see many people around all the time. All their locations are devoid of traffic..
    If they claim a 100,000 member based, I wonder where everyone is?

    • Well, in SL the number of people inworld at any time is a small fraction of the total number of active users, and an even smaller fraction of the number of registered users. But it’s quite true Twinity does feel sort of like a ghost town.

      I think it would be terrific if Twinity would find the Killer Thing that differentiated them from SL, and got an active and engaged (and larger) community coming in regularly. But my impression is that being based on real-world places isn’t going to be it. :)

      • Dale,

        My issue with Twinity , Initially I was attracted to their real world concept, but when I went it, it started getting weird. The only thing real was the main street, after that it sort of drop off.. i.e. all the fake apartments and pubs .. Everything besides the streets is not real..

        Not sure about you but how is that a mirror world. I read a discussion somewhere abt this issue with Twinity. Hornestly I been a user of 2nd life for a while, I think is virtually no different from them. 2nd life also has a few real places (abit mockup) .

        Only benefit of Twinity is thats its easier to navigate . Other than there. Hornestly I dont see a difference

        I am going to check out Near Global. I think by removing the avartar , they are more focus on the real world business. I bet there will be virtual real shops that I can check out which Twinity has been trying to do for the past one year with little success.

      • Heh, interesting! I’d never heard of Near Global before, and their website makes it hard to extract much information quickly. If you find out anything interesting about it, do post here! :)

        Any other readers know anything about Near? Should I take the time to investigate it? It looks sort of “selling things to passive consumers” oriented, which would be boring, but you never know what people will come up with given a social space!

  16. Never heard of Near Global either so I went to look.


    They made some of London. They did it so you can pretend to walk to virtual shops to buy things in the RL shops. But surely you’d just call that shop, ask if they had it in and go there – or buy it online in 30 sec to 2 mins.

    I may well be missing something, but I can’t see the point of making a virtual city you interact with in the same was as a real one?

    I hope they get it working on mobiles though – thay would be nice if applied to SL :-D

  17. Hi all,

    I think i know why Twinity has no traffic..
    The users who tried out Twinity never came back in again.

    The chart in the link is a good indication.. Hehe

    • Well, to be fair, statistics about the site don’t necessarily have much to do with usage of Twinity the virtual world. You don’t have to visit in a browser every time you go into Twinity the virtual world, just like you can be a very heavy Second Life user without hardly ever going to (I’m mostly like that myself).

      But stil… yeah. :)

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