Twinity achieves new heights of… something

I occasionally think about trying out Twinity again, but then I get an email newsletter from them, and that invariably dampens my enthusiasm.

Delicious avatars in their finest clothes!The latest one announces a party at “Twinity’s first yoga & wellness lounge”, to mark “the launch of its new designer jewelry collection” (because every yoga and wellness lounge needs a designer jewelry collection!).

I am urged to “come along to the party dressed in your finest clothes and take part in the most delicious avatar contest”.

And apparently to illustrate a delicious avatar wearing the finest clothes, we have the memorable image shown here.

Now maybe this is horribly lookist of me and I should be ashamed of myself, but… ewww!

Grainy image, awful pose, dumpy clothing, and a necklace that looks like it was drawn onto the skin with a sharpie. I dunno what they’re thinking here.

Normally I wouldn’t bother being mean to them about this, but the other awful thing in this particular newsletter makes me want to impose some sort of punishment.

It’s this:

Jacko is alive & has been spotted in Twinity! Get a snapshot and win globals – be there at our “Paparazzi Time” on Thursday at 15:00 CET!

I don’t think one has to be a Michael Jackson groupie to find this horribly offensive. Let’s simultaneously exploit our customers’ greed and the image of a recently-dead celebrity! Woo woo!

Epic fail much?

(I replied to the newsletter pointing out how utterly disgusting it was, and got a “relay access denied” failure. Not only is their marketing department tasteless, but their IT department can’t configure an email server.)