Blue Mars: hup hup hup!

Dale Running in Blue Mars, with silver hair

There’s a patch out for the Blue Mars beta client, so I applied it and went in again. I changed my look a little; like the silver hair? :)

It was a very small patch; not much has changed. There’s a round non-watery floor over the central part of the landing area (although you can still walk out into the moving water if you want to). And (as I was able to verify when I ran into Eladrienne Laval and Phineas Messmer who were also exploring around) women now have some clothing that goes below the knees (although the unchangeable and rather eye-rolling female animations are still the same).

We also discovered that draw distance for avatars is much smaller than draw distance for buildings and terrain. (I’ll speculate that in general draw distance for dynamic, as opposed to pre-installed, objects is going to turn out to be much smaller.) So although you can see ‘way off into distant vistas, you’ll only be able to see people who are relatively nearby. (In fact after a few more running paces, the person that you see at the base of the bridge in the picture there suddenly vanished, even though they were actually still there.)

Which seems like it could be awfully freaking confusing, but we’ll see how it turns out once there’s some actual content to play around with.

5 Responses

  1. hup hup hup?

    oh Dan…..

    If you wanted to know how it sounds, I would of told you the non-Gomer Pyle USMC way…

    Candice was the thing in my day like… well, I bet you have rules here.

    I would tell you but like the rest of bloggers you haven’t grasped contact submits or email.

    You email and I will tell you what we say.

  2. Had a great time talking with you today!

  3. @Adric: some obscure place on the site here does point to DaleInnisEmail at gmail dot com. But I have sent th’ email! Must be pretty naughty.

    @Eladrienne: I’m glad! Me too. :) Nice we happened to speak within chat distance of each other, so we could tell who each other were!

  4. The avatar draw distance of 20m, and the huge concurrency rates of 5,000 or 10,000 avatars in a City could make for some interesting effects.

    Suppose someone made a 5000 seater stadium for robotic dog races (don’t laugh, it is in the works!!), but all you can see in this packed stadium are the avatars within a 20m radius of yourself. The rest of the stadium will appear empty.

    But if you fancy standing at the opposite end of the stadium, as the shadows are better there, imagine this 20m knot of spectators all appearing to follow you as you make your way around to the other end of the stadium!

    Now that’s spooky!


  5. Yeah, that’s just the kind of thing I was thinking of! :) Is the AV draw distance really just 20m? That’s teeny! Is the dynamic-object draw distance also short? (Will the robotic racing dogs suddenly vanish as they round the curve away from me, even though that part of the track seems perfectly visible?)

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