Much Better!

I just did my daily check of the link that the Blue Mars folks sent me on the 5th, to see if the very restrictive Beta agreement was still there, and Lo and Behold, it wasn’t!

Instead it led to a much friendlier registration process, containing a ToS that (while still real real long) didn’t have any of that nasty Confidential Information stuff in it, or threats of ex parte injunctions; just the usual “you can’t under any circumstances sue us for anything no matter what we do” legalese.


Maybe I will try it when I get home.

(I did notice one clause in the ToS that seems to forbid ever logging off, but that’s just humorous, not worrying. :) )

Update: So I downloaded all 1.2GB of the installer, started it up, let it churn for quite awhile, and then was presented with a screen asking me to agree to a long legal agreement before I could continue. And guess what! It was the old restrictive NDA-containing one! I think I will go to bed. Maybe tomorrow I will convince myself that the two short postings on the Blue Mars Twitter feed saying that the beta NDA has been lifted are enough to render clicking “I agree” on this thing legally and morally null. Not tonight, though.

3 Responses

  1. I’d love to know if you hear anything – I’d like to take last night’s blog posts out of privacy lock! :p

    Thanks for the recent shoutouts – see you in BM, if we can figure out how people meet there! :p

  2. It’s almost certainly the case that the installer is supposed to have the new open ToS and not the old closed NDA. Having been tweeted by the CEO himself :) to the effect that it’s ‘fixed’ now, I’m going to try it again tonight. I will report back. :)

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