Now that’s odd…

Blue Mars Online logoQuick followup to the last post: I decided that since I wasn’t going to be in the beta due to the rather extreme agreement, I’d look around and see what there was to read on the Web in the way of second-hand Blue Mars stuff.

Well, from the Blue Mars Online Twitter feed, I got to the Twitter feed of one John Carter (how could one resist reading John Carter’s thoughts on Mars after all?), and from there to this weblog entry in which he writes in part:

Still waiting for my beta key for Blue Mars, but I finally got into the forums, on about my 20th try at entering the captcha.

Which raised my eyebrows slightly, since it suggested that the forums might be more or less open to random people. Two seconds in Google found the forums in question, and it turns out that in fact anyone in the world can sign up for them by filling in a minimal web form, passing a rather challenging captcha, and agreeing that if you start trolling they can terminate your account.

So… since anything on the Blue Mars Beta forums can be seen by anyone in the world, isn’t every Blue Mars Beta tester who posts anything there about the Beta (beyond the fact that it exists and they are taking part in it), violating the Confidentiality sections of the Beta agreement?

I wonder if maybe that agreement page is left over from the early, NDA-bearing, closed beta, and someone just forgot to update it?

Maybe if I check back now and then, they’ll eventually change it to something that I can agree to. :)

And if not, at least I can read the forums in the meantime…

3 Responses

  1. there’s no privacy anywhere anyway. from cookies to security cameras, somebody somewhere is tracking everything you do. so why not just open everything up anyway.

  2. Well, I just try to live a completely innocent life. ;D

    But in this case it’s Blue Mars that seems to demand huge amounts of privacy, in the form of Beta users promising not to talk. Except then they give them a completely public forum to talk in! V odd…

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