More things!

Failing to resist the urge to post more and more and more pictures of things made by the Thingmaker, I enthusiastically present more pictures of things! Note that one of them involves prims that are not ovoids! Technology marches on!

Another thing made by the Thingmaker
Another thing made by the Thingmaker
Another thing made by the Thingmaker
Another thing made by the Thingmaker
Another thing made by the Thingmaker

9 Responses

  1. Well now Adric makes things too!!

    Dragons! Flowers! Big Cups!!

  2. Those are pretty! :) Did you make all the lil prims by hand? (I am lazy about that; one reason I am making the Thingmaker.)

  3. I don’t have a Thingmaker so I am working in AC3D now, but I have one on order.

    Here is the UPS guy now. Hold on.

    No, it was my Sham Wows.

    Maybe tomorrow.

  4. I keep hearing that word… / googles

    lol absorbent towels??

  5. The thing maker would have been good for repeating the prims for the spiral staircase I made.. but then again, if I did a shortcut, it wouldn’t have been as good.. and exactness? obviously I don’t need stuff like that- I can pretend to be cute and cover up the flaws in positioning with my master texturing ;)

    it reminds me of the N-gon rezzer to make multi sided objects with just one shape, however I have not graduated from prisim or cube.. so its kind of sad.. and the most practical use I had for some of the objects besides roofing matterials were tiny “gems” I was tossing about on the test grid.. each one was at least 8 prims.

  6. I’m so easily distracted (in SL anyway) that I’d never have the patience to do a spiral staircase of any length by hand. And the kind of stuff that Madcow Cosmos does??? omg. I asked him once what kind of tools he used, figuring that at least SOME of those billions of prims must be positioned or rotated by a script; but he said every one is done by hand. I just can’t imagine!

  7. Ah, and I thought 20 prims was allot! You are right, stuff like that will make you go blind and insane!

  8. You should make your things copulate on contact and produce derivative baby things!

    Zindra only!

  9. Yeah, more Artificial Life! :) It’s certainly a thought.

    (Hey, do Sion Chickens copulate? Adult Chicken Content!)

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