I made an SL thing that makes other things! I call it “the Thingmaker”. ’cause it makes things.

Here is a picture of it:


(It doesn’t actually matter what it looks like, it could even be just a plywood box but then it would be hard to tell from all of the other plywood boxes.)

Here’s a picture of the first interesting thing that it made while I was working on it:

The first interesting thing

Here’s a picture of the Thingmaker making a thing:

Making a thing

(It rezzes the prims of the thing above it, one by one, links them, positions and colors them, and when it’s all done unlinks itself from them.)

Here’s (a picture of) the thing that the Thingmaker was making in the previous picture:

Another thing

Thing-like, eh?

Here’s a picture of another thing it made:

Yet another thing

Lower-prim! Shiny!

And also:

Colorful thing

Higher-prim! Colorful!

An’ here you’re probably thinking, an’ you’d be right, that the Thingmaker can only make a pretty small set of things, mostly made of these shiny overlapping eggshaped prims. But! Now that the basic Thinkmaker is working, I’m gonna teach it to make a whole bunch other more kinds of things. If I don’t get distracted…

Oh look! Ants!



8 Responses

  1. I actually vaguely collect things that make other things in SL, (and also enjoy the Monty Python Society for Putting Things on Top of Other Things – go figure). I’ve been tempted to use object makers such as tree and pipe generators with in-world sculptie-makers such as “sculpt-o-matic”. I think would be interesting to generate sculpt versions of these random creations. Love those colors, they are awesome pretty things your thing is making!

    Oh my gosh, Ants! :)

  2. Oooh, interesting thought! A quasi-random sculpt-texture maker would be neat.

    My main ambition with the Thingmaker an’ all is to make a thing that can make things that surprise me. I’ve been doing that in various shapes for years: I have programs that compose music, and write DOOM levels, and… :)

  3. Yes, nothing like giving randomness a little push in the right direction.

    /me mashes the keyboard :)

  4. Careful, they don’t make keyboards like they used to! (I remember hitting a 3277 keyboard so hard I bruised my hand; the keyboard was undamaged. I’ll bet if I did that to one of these modern keyboards it would break messily in half, and my hand would be just fine.)

    I like random algorithms that are weighted toward parts of the space that seem likely to be interesting, but now and then go off into the great unknown, just in case.

  5. This is cool!!!

    I love randomness!

  6. Ty ty! :) Me too.

  7. Nice job! I’ve scripted a “builder”… Main purpose of the thing is to rebuild my stuff faster than the sandbox admin delete them. 8-) Not to spam the sandbox… don’t get me wrong. I work on a project and I don’t own land anymore. So I do so above the IBM’s sandbox and every week they clean up the place. I drop already built objects in the builder’s inventory, and I specify their coordinates and rotation relative to the builder’s root. On click, the builder goes at the root of the first object, rez it there, then do the same for all other objects specified in the note card.

    I like your idea to add randomness in your build. It creates really great shapes. It might be interesting to set a “not so random” path for the roots of the objects, and let the shape and position of the object to be random. Great job Dale. Keep us posted on your progress.

    See you inworld!!

  8. Thank you! :) Yeah, the basic code for this came from things that rez “saved” objects in various senses, as well as from some pipemaking code and other deterministic things.

    There are so many dimensions to work with, any of which can be more or less fixed, or patterned, or entirely random (where that choice itself can be a coin-flip!). Position of each prim, its shape, color, size, alpha, cut and taper and etc, its rotation relative to the others… And then of course any or all could contain quasi-random particle systems, floating text, texture animation… :D Some of which would be Very Silly!

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