Quick Evony Update

Since I’ve mentioned Evony here before, I thought I ought to link to Bruce on Games on Evony, which reveals all sortsa interesting things about the game, including the fact that the curvy females in their ads are apparently ripped off from like lingerie catalogs, and the Evony owners are aggressively spamming all sorts of gaming-related venues to try to lure more players in.

zomg hax.

3 Responses

  1. Bwahahaha, must be a good play because they catch my eye every sodding time :)

  2. Not that I’ve actually played it – I’d need time for that ;(

  3. Yeah, I do always wonder about ads that use sexy women to advertise products that have nothing to do with sexy women. It does get people to look at the ad, but does it actually cause people to buy the product? Or do they just click through, find that the actual product contains no bewbies, and go away disappointed?

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