I think I’m all better… :)

Badly-composed photographic evidence (click through to flickr for other sizes and some more words):
Party at the IBM Exhibition space
Party at the New Extropia
Much thanks to v good friend and talented artist Sabrinaa Nightfire for the TP to the impromptu party marking the end of Glyph Graves’ lovely installation in the IBM Exhibition space, and to lovely ambisexual Martian Deebrane String and DJ Formatting Heliosense for hosting the (first?) Wednesday night party on Extropia Odyssey. Beautiful and fascinating people, great discussions, rockin’ music…

It’s good to be back!

8 Responses

  1. Welcome back! So *very* glad that you feel wonderful… :)

    • Somehow that comment of mine went through as “anonymous” when it’s not. It’s from me, smiles. And I’ll say it again…welcome back! So *very* glad that you feel wonderful… :)

  2. /me waves :)

  3. Trends have to be decided upon at appropriately long timescales. ,

  4. Definitely!

    Um… what?


  5. Tiffany Giardina to make her pick. ,

  6. In growing numbers, these leaders work hand-in- glove with community partners, families, staff, and others to develop a shared vision for trans- forming traditional schools into genuine com- munity schools. ,

  7. I’m fascinated by the topic of these recent comments! :)

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