Just a v brief note to tell anyone who might worry or otherwise need to know or be waiting for something from me or whatever that I am laid up with a very sore throat and a stubborn fever that have kept me from thinking, sleeping, or eating well since sometime Friday. With any luck the various Pills I’m taking will clear it all up at any moment, but until then, I am distinctly missing…

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  1. Get well soon cocker!

  2. Pounces gently, smiling softly, surrounding you with good thoughts…feel better very very soon! Green tea and water help too along with lots and lots of rest.

  3. awwwwww – well take care of yourself! No carousing til you’re better eh? :)

  4. Ty ty. There’ll be a post on just that subject in a few minutes if all goes well. :)

  5. Is it swine flu?

  6. The doctor at the ER thought it didn’t look like any sort of influenza, swinish or otherwise. But he wasn’t sure. Doctors are always like that: not sure. They did a Strep test and it was negative, but the test is wrong sometimes, so it could have been Strep. Or some other bacterial pathogen. Or it could have been a virus. Not sure. So they gave me antibiotics just in case. And a litre of IV fluids ’cause I was dehydrated from the fever. And some IV anti-pain stuff ’cause I felt so lousy. And suggested alternating ibuprofen and acetaminophen since neither seemed to be bringing the fever down by itself. Not sure why. Fortunately the combination seemed to work. Or I just got better. :)

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