Snapshots from the Great Migration

So the first wave of the Great Migration started at 10am sharp (SLT) yesterday! Or some other day recently! So now people with Adult Content on the mainland can apply for a free land swap with some land on Zindra, via a support ticket to the Lindens.

In the usual sort of casual wince-inducing move, the Lindens closed the weblog comment thread that alot of us had been using to talk about the whole Adult Content thing, and the Migration, and how it was going and all. I’m sure there’s still lots of discussion going on elsewhere, but I haven’t chased it down yet.

What little I’ve read suggests that things are going pretty well, or at least less disastrously then some of us had feared, so far. Here’s one account of someone saying in their ticket “I run BDSM classes, so please swap me into Zindra”, and the Lab saying “nope, not Adult enough”, and the person saying “say what??”, and the Lab saying “oh, all right then”.

I bounced briefly over to Zindra to see what was up with the migration (skipping the Mosh hub this time, and looking around further out). Kama city, at least, is still dominated by eyecandy Linden builds, but other things are starting to appear. I passed a big dark castle, over whose drawbridge some sort of grey-skinned barbarian was riding a horse. I waved at a woman in the midst of building a bar of some sort on a nice riverside plot.

I even took some pictures!

Pictures from the Great Migration

In the foreground; an art studio without much in it yet; I wonder if a photosurrealistic picture of Salvadore Dali grating his own hand off officially counts as Adult?

In the background, a large dark building containing various taboo-looking devices and poseballs. And, I’m glad to say, a courtyard where rezzing is allowed, so I could bring out my Terra Futura, and not have to *walk* everywhere…

Taking the Futura up high, I came upon one of the banes of those concerned with cleanliness and prim-count.

Litter at 490 meters

How do you go about letting Governor Linden know that he’s left a railroad tie or something floating nearly half a km above the new continent?

2 Responses

  1. It will be soon be laggy, full of eyesores and pretty hideous, I’m sure. So call me a cynic…

  2. Okay, you’re a cynic. :)

    I’m still hopeful, but then I’m an optimist. I’m hoping (and expecting) that Zindra will not be wildly different from the current mainland, which (while it’s arguably laggy, full of eyesores, and hideous in spots) I love:

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