Drama Dolls! Woot!

In the unlikely event that someone who reads this doesn’t also read Ahuva or Chestnut, you should go and follow those links and read the Official Scoop on today’s announcement of Honour McMillan’s new Drama Dolls product.

Having seen some of the early prototypes, I will attest that this is a Must See thing. If the idea was just to personify some of our various hate and love objects as amusing little model people that we could do appropriate things with (and to), it would be brilliant. But these lil beggars go far beyond that: they are scripted: skillfully scripted, creatively scripted, hysterically scripted, scripted in all sorts of different ways. Scripted to… well, to do things that you really have to see. Really.

Go see them!

Drama Dolls! 1

Been driven to distraction by the incessant multi-paragraph emoting of the slave-girls on the dock while you and your well-muscled colleagues are trying to plan next Tuesday’s attack on the Panther-women? The Kajira Doll is for you! Also shown, standard SL Man, standard SL Woman, and, ummm, a buncha other ones! (There’s even dolls representing bloggers! A must-have for everyone!)

Drama Dolls! 2

Drama Kings (obviously).

Drama Dolls! 3

The lovely and talented Chestnut Rau, looking at yet some more dolls. I’m not entirely sure which ones, ’cause this was mostly an excuse to take a picture of Ches. :)

Drama Dolls! 4

Oura an’ me an’ Ahuva, standing near the Drama Queens. And one similar one with a very funny name that fortunately slips my mind at the moment…

So go to the opening! There will be music! And Canadian flags! And Drama Dolls! To quote from the Official Announcement:

The store opens today (11:00 am SLT) with two parties to celebrate, featuring brilliant blues man Von Johin. The first show is at the Euro friendly time of 11:00 am SLT. The second party will start at 6:00 pm and rock on for 2 solid hours. Honour is a proud Canadian and tomorrow is also Canada Day so if you want to join us for that reason alone please do! TP from this link.

Updated with links now that Honour and Cris have their posts up.

2 Responses

  1. lol :)

  2. awww….ty Dale!

    The one with the blue hair is a kajira. I was taking a photo of the girl blogger who is on the left in the photo.

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